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College of Education- University of Washington offer Zesbaugh Scholarship 2011

College of Education offers the Zesbaugh Scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students who are intersted in Teaching

Study Subject: Education
Employer:University of Washington
Level: Undergraduates
Scholarship Description:The Catherine Zesbaugh Scholarship was established as a mechanism to encourage and support economically disadvantaged students with an interest in teaching. The scholarship is provided to undergraduate students (juniors and seniors) who are interested in pursuing a career in education (elementary or secondary education). Eligible students are provided a year long scholarship of $1500 per quarter. The students are required to participate in a year long seminar designed to introduce scholars to current trends and issues impacting education (nationally and locally). The seminar encourages students to thoughtfully reflection on their contribution to the teaching profession. Zesbaugh Scholars are required to work closely with a faculty mentor during the year on a research project. The project is presented at the spring research/leadership events (University of Washington Undergraduate Research Symposium or Carlson Center Spring Celebration). Students are allowed to present their research projects to their peers, mentors, and other invited guests during “in class” presentations arranged through the Zesbaugh Scholars Faculty Advisor.

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Scholarship Application Deadline: 9 May 2011

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