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College Scholarships For Agnostics, 2018-2019

Agnostic students are those who are skeptical about the existence of God or any such power. Such students are considered as a select group who do get some benefits in the form of special scholarships from various universities and colleges. This initiative is to ensure that they are not singled out for their belief systems and values. There are associations created by such individuals and students which are popular and frequented by the like-minded community of non-believers.

Some of the leading college scholarships available for students who are agnostic are as follows:

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Freedom from Religion Foundation
This is a not for profit association that supports and works towards creating outreach and awareness for those who believe in the concept of no God or no religion. Located in the U.S. and incorporated in 1978, the Foundation has diligently devised ways to introduce papers, thought leadership initiatives and worked towards providing a voice to people who want to express. The Foundation offers the following scholarships in the form of essay scholarships:

-FFRF Brian Bolton Graduate/Older Student Essay Contest-This scholarship is awarded to graduate students who are currently studying up to the age 30 years or under grad students up to age 25-30 years who are enrolled in a North American university or college graduating in 2015. The highest reward is $3000.

-FFRF Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest- This award is for all college students under the age of 25 years and enrolled in a U.S. university. The highest reward is $3000.

Scholarships For Agnostics

-FFRF William J. Schulz High School Essay Contest is for high school seniors who receive as the first reward of $3000.

Herb Silverman Secular Humanist Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to secular humanists students and is based on consistent and good academic records and is available from the University of Charleston, U.S. The main criterion is that the students selected for the same must display an attitude of rationalism and humanistic values. It is a renewable scholarship and is dependent on the students financial needs.

American Atheists Inc
This organization was set up in 1963 in the U.S and is completely focused on giving a platform to all the individuals who are agnostic and believe in humanism and not follow any particular religious path. The organization is dedicated to working for the civil rights of all the atheists or agnostic community. The organization offers two scholarships and the amount is $2000 and $1000. The students need to high school juniors attending college. The organization also awards two $500 Chinn Scholarships for LGBT Atheist Activism. These scholarships recognize activism in the area of LGBT equality and the recipient does not need to be a part of this group. The main criterion is the students active support and a serious activist.

American Atheists awards scholarships to recognize student activism: two $1,000 O’Hair Scholarships, four $500 President’s Scholarships, and two $500 Chinn Scholarships for LGBT Atheist Activism.


SSA Scholarships for Student Activists
The alliance is focused towards educating, uniting and serving all student communities that believe in humanitarian based values rather than ones led and defined by religion.  The organization is an educational not for profit one and it conducts educational seminars, events and other initiatives that are aimed at empowering like-minded student community across the society.

The scholarship is for individual secular student activists who are SSA members and are currently enrolled in a college or university across the U.S. The focus of the scholarships is to help students pursue secular activism while pursuing their studies.

The organization has five annual scholarships with two of them worth $250 and the other three worth $500 each.

The above are some of the most popular ones.