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Scholarships for Commerce Students

Commerce students all over the globe have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of scholarships from various institutions.

The scholarships are essential for students who want to pursue higher studies and each scholarship has its own set of eligibility criteria that must be taken into consideration when submitting the applications.

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Most of the scholarships are awarded to commerce students on the basis of academic merit but in case of equity-based scholarships, special circumstances are taken into consideration.

Why go for Higher Studies in Commerce?

Commerce is concerned with the buying and selling of goods, services and information, all of which happen to be essential exchanges in almost every aspect of life. As the world becomes more dependent on globalised trade and investment, the demand for well-trained business persons grows stronger.

Commerce scholarships
If you pursue higher studies in the field of Commerce, you can learn the business elements in a wide range of fields and combine your business studies with other areas of interest. You will gain both skills and knowledge during your business degree that will form an excellent foundation for your future career.

Best Commerce Scholarships for International Students

Chancellor’s Scholars – Copland Program
Students who have shown exemplary performance in the field of academics may join the Bachelor of Commerce program, also known as the Chancellor’s Scholars program, at the University of Melbourne. According to the Financial Times, the University ranks 68 in the world in 2014.

The scholarship tends to provide a wide range of advantages that recognize the ability of the students to conduct outstanding work in the school setting. These benefits include a scholarship throughout the duration of your bachelor’s degree as well as a guaranteed spot in your ideal graduation program. Selected candidates will also gain access to unique features like support from specialized faculty and individual mentoring by Australian business leaders.

Texas A&M University – Commerce
Students of commerce studying at Texas A&M University are automatically eligible for scholarship if they meet the academic achievement requirements or complete the general scholarship application. The University ranks 644 in the list of top colleges in America.

Sauder School of Business
There are two kinds of scholarships available for commerce students at the Sauder School of Business in Canada – application and merit based. Merit-based scholarships are usually awarded at the start of each academic year and do not take academic achievements into consideration. Application-based scholarships, on the other hand, rely on academic achievement and seek to recognize the successes of the past year. The Financial Times ranked the program 72 in 2014.

University of Canterbury
The College of Business at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand offers various scholarships to first-year Bachelor of Commerce students. The scholarship recognizes the academic and extracurricular progress of New Zealand students in the field of commerce. The University ranks 14th in the list of best colleges in New Zealand for MBA and Masters.

Rotman Commerce
Rotman Commerce, a part of the University of Toronto, offers commerce students to apply for a number of scholarships during their academic term. The in-course scholarships can be availed by students who have excelled in their commerce study programs. These scholarships may be awarded by the University or by the faculty or college of the students. The Financial Times has ranked Rotman Commerce 1st in Canada for Commerce.

McIntire School of Commerce
The McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia awards students with scholarships on the basis of need during the spring of the student’s third year at the institution. A few scholarships, however, are based on academic achievements or academic and career interests. The selection of the recipients is carried out by the faculty and administrators of the Commerce School. Students who wish to apply must submit an application along with their updated resume. According to the annual Bloomsburg Businessweek rankings, the school was ranked second in the list of best top business programs in the United States.

Deakin University Australia
The Deakin University Australia offers the Business Dean’s Scholars Program to commerce students who wish to receive scholarship for higher studies. The scholarship recognizes, rewards, and nurtures students with high achievements in the field of commerce. The University ranks 204 in the world.

Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce
The Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce Student Scholarship Award Program has been established with the intention of promoting the entrepreneurial spirit in students from Asia and other countries within the field of commerce. The program supports higher education and encourages commerce students at undergraduate college levels to go into the rewarding career of business entrepreneurship.

R.A. Poddar College of Commerce and Economics
Students of commerce studying at R.A. Poddar College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai can avail the State Government Open Merit Scholarship which is available to students with good academic achievements.  College ranks 11th in the list of best commerce colleges in India for the year 2014.

Commerce students should have no trouble gaining scholarships to pursue their higher studies. There are lots of scholarship options throughout the world and the student needs to pick one as per their eligibility.

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