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2018 Cross-Culture Internships Programme for Study in Germany

Applications are invited for CrossCulture Internships funding programme for 2018 academic year. In order to take part in the programme, applicants are required to have a long-term involvement with an organization or institution in their home country.

The programme enables internships for young professionals and volunteers from the participating countries and from Germany.  This is a paid internship programme. CCP interns from abroad receive a monthly scholarship of 550 Euro which will last at least eight weeks and up to a maximum of three months. The deadline for applications is the end of January.



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Field of Internship: Professional experience is expected in the following fields of work:

  • Politics & Society
  • Human Rights & Peace Building
  • Sustainable Development
  • Media & Culture

Course Level: Internship
Internship Provider: Ifa (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations)
Internship can be taken in 

Eligibility: In order to be eligible applicants need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Applicants are required to have a long-term involvement with an organization or institution in their home country. They should be between 23 and 45 years of age. Applications from matriculated students cannot be considered. Candidates are also required to be in a good state of health and to have the physical and intellectual capability required for spending a lengthy period of time abroad and working within the context of the internship.
  • A good command of English is another important prerequisite for successful participation. Knowledge of the German language is an additional qualification, but not a requirement for applicants from abroad. Alternatively, knowledge of the language of the CCP host country may be valuable for applicants from Germany.

Internship Open for International Students: Applicants from (Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Republic of the Sudan, Tajikistan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan) are eligible to apply for this internship programme.

Is this paid internship? CCP fellows from abroad receive a monthly scholarship of 550 Euro. In addition, the following costs are met by the project:

  • Visa
  • Return flight
  • Health insurance
  • Accommodation at destination (town of the host organization)
  • Monthly ticket for the public transport at destination
  • Transport and accommodation for the intercultural workshop in Stuttgart

German CrossCulture fellows receive a monthly scholarship of 1,100 Euro on their bank account. This covers accommodation and public transport costs in the host country. The costs of visa fees and return flight are reimbursed. Health insurance for Germans abroad will be concluded by ifa for the duration of the CrossCulture Internship.

Return flight
The cost of a return flight will be financed by the project. CrossCulture interns shall inform ifa staff without delay and without being specially requested to do so of any changes they would like to be made to bookings, regardless of the reasons the intern has for them. Any resulting costs shall be borne by the candidates themselves. CrossCulture candidates are required to organize the transport of any excess luggage, such as special tools or other equipment for work (e.g. cameras, artists’ utensils, etc.) and meet the cost of such transport themselves. Unfortunately, ifa staff is unable to assist in such cases.

Health insurance
The health insurance covers any emergencies during the intern’s stay in Germany or abroad. It does not cover the cost of treating any illnesses the interns already had before departure and such costs, therefore, have to be met by CrossCulture participants themselves.

Any visits to or treatment by physicians on account of a pregnancy/birth will also not be met by the insurance. These costs, too, have to be met by CrossCulture scholarship holders themselves – neither the insurance company nor the ifa can accept such costs.

In Germany, CrossCulture fellows will be provided with furnished accommodation (either a room in a shared apartment or with a family or a small apartment with bathroom and cooking facilities). Electricity, heating and water are included. These apartments do not have internet access or a telephone since ifa cannot meet the communication costs.

The apartment provided and all the items in it shall be treated with care by CrossCulture interns. The costs of any major damage to the apartment, furniture or electrical items shall be borne by candidates themselves.

Internship Description: The CrossCulture internships give young people from Germany and Islamic countries the opportunity to gain diverse experience abroad in the context of their working environment and to act as multipliers in their home countries. In addition to further professional development and specialist training, the programme participants also gain an insight into the social and political structures of the host country and become acquainted with cultural characteristics and behavioral patterns through integration into working and everyday life. They make important contacts which they can use when they return to their home country for future collaboration. Interns returning home can offer a valuable contribution to their respective organization’s thanks to the experience they have gained abroad. This intercultural exchange thus sustainably strengthens the formation of networks between Germany and the Islamic countries and encourages cross-border dialogue and cooperation.

Number of awards offered: Not Known

Internship Duration: CCP fellowships last between two and three months. Stays for a longer period cannot receive any support by ifa. The duration of a CCP fellowship for applicants form the CCP-module “Eastern Partnership and Russia” is 8 weeks.    

Notification: The nomination of the participants will be announced in March. Letters of refusal will be sent without further explanations in April. No one has a legal right to be selected for the CrossCulture Internships programme.

How to Apply: Applications for CCP are to be submitted online via our application portal. Please pay attention to the technical requirements. The following required documents have to be uploaded:

  • letter of motivation(please use the template)
  • CV
  • recommendation letter by your current employer/home organization (please use the template)
  • photo (optional)

Please make sure that you have all the necessary documents available when starting the application process, as partial applications cannot be saved. Only fully completed applications will be eligible.
Do not send your application via e-mail to ifa as those applications will not be considered!

Internship Application Deadline: The deadline for applications is the end of January.

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