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Doctoral Fellowships Graduate School Human Behaviour Jena, Germany

Doctoral Fellowships within the Jena Graduate School Human Behaviour in Social and Economic Change (GSBC) (Jena, Germany)

Outstanding candidates with a background in Applied Ethics, Economics, Psychology or Sociology and who are interested in interdisciplinary research are invited to apply for 12 Doctoral Fellowships within the Jena Graduate School Human Behaviour in Social and Economic Change (GSBC).

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The Graduate School is a recently established university institution located at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. It is a joint initiative of scholars of the School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, the School of Economics and Business Administration, and the Max Planck Institute of Economics. Currently, the major contributing disciplines are Applied Ethics, Economics, Psychology and Sociology. Their common research topic within the GSBC is the analysis of human behaviour with an emphasis on social and economic change. The principal research focus of the GSBC is interdisciplinary. For further information, especially on the research programme, please visit www.gsbc.uni-jena.de.

Applicants are expected to hold a Diplom or a Masters Degree with honours in one of the above mentioned disciplines or an equivalent degree in a related discipline. Fellows will actively and permanently participate in the study and research programme of the Graduate School. Therefore all fellows are expected to choose Jena as their place of residence.

Fellowships start on October 1st, 2008 (Deadline for application: 23 August 2008) and on January 1st, 2009 (Deadline for application: 30 September 2008). All fellowships include funding for up to three years (2+1). Research will be conducted in English.

Candidates should e-mail their CV, transcripts of degrees, a writing example (about 10 pages, for example an extract from the diploma or master thesis), a brief outline of a potential dissertation project within the GSBC, a letter of interest, the application form and two letters of reference from academic teachers to: [email protected]. The application form is available on www.gsbc.uni-jena.de. The letters of reference should be directly sent to us by the recommenders.


  1. Edward Daimary says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I have completed my MBA in HR and Marketing from NERIM,under Dibrugarh University in June,2009.Post this I am currently employed as a Customer development Intern in Colgate Palmolive (I) Limited.I wish to pursue a Ph. D in Human Behaviour with special emphasis to Customer Buying Behaviour and the probable influences.As such for this I expect a fully funded scholarship including travel expenses,liviong expenses along with other research related expenses.

    With Regards
    Edward Daimary

  2. F. Terefe says:

    Dear Sir/Madame,
    I am looking for fund to pursue my Academic career and my past qualifications are briefly presented as follows.

    In 1985 I was qualified with Diploma in Plant Science from Alemaya College (the then Haromaya University), and latter I joined Addis Ababa university and qualified with BA degree in Economics in July 2003 and after working for more than four years I rejoined this same University and qualified with MA in 2008. I have a diversified experience and the ability to communicate different level of people and work in any environment.
    Therefore, to pursue for PhD study with such qualifications and experiences I strongly need fully funded scholarships from any pledging party.

    Terefe Fitta

  3. Tesfahun Hatia says:

    My name is Tesfahun Hatia from Ethiopia. I was born and grew up in very remote area where still there is no access to electricity, roads, transportation, and a secondary school. I have heart to reach out for these people in whatever means possible.

    I am so interested to pursue my PhD in the international Graduate School of African Studies in Germany. I have B.A in Theological Studies majoring in Translation and Literacy in 2002 in Addis Ababa. I also did my M.A. in Leadership studies in Nairobi Kenya. I have a dream to be a nation-wide change leader in my country, in future, and I strongly wish to pursue my PhD in Political Science, or Public Administration, or International relations, or communication. I also have 13+years experiences in training, editor-in-chief, dean of students, and some more.

    I would be very glad if I get chance to receive your scholarship.


    Tesfahun Hatia

  4. Anteneh Mekonnen Yimer says:

    I have a Master degree of Social work (MSW) from Addis Ababa University. I want to participate in Doctoral Fellowships within the Jena Graduate School Human Behaviour in Social and Economic Change (GSBC) (Jena, Germany).
    thank you very much.


    Dear sir
    am writing to express my interest to study Phd in development economics. Iam a Tanzanian with 32 years old. currently am working as a senior economist in the Ministry of East african Cooperation. As my country is now involved in economic integratin with the Rest of East African Countries and my Ministry is Responsible for cordinating The integration process. in respect of my country, so i want to study in this particular area to investigate wthether there is implication of economic integration to Growth. as the available liturature did not show vivedly whether there is this link in the context of Developing Countyries. Iam seeking for a scholarship to cover tuition fees and living expevses. Yes i do agree that EU has managed to register economic growth through regional blocks as a new engine of growth but there is no avaolable evidence in the context Developing countries to support that. However there is a rush of every country to join Regional blocks.so my study will seek to brige this gape. Am looking forward for your continued cooperation.

    Elias Peter Bagumhe

  6. ammal says:

    dear sir
    I would like to express my a fmiration of your elegant fields of research. Iam Ammal Esmaeel Ibrahim female MSC. from Iraq Iam foyer to find an appartaimty to be involved as a full Time PhD. Student of your department. Iam seeking for a scholarship to cover tuition feeds and living expevses. I hope to accept my required and my wish come true to completing my study in chemistry science because I can not completing my study in iraq and I think you have idea a bout the situation in iraq and my family that consist of nine people make an another problem is the money problem. (Pleas can you help me to completing my study (PhD. in chemistry science). would you mind directing me learn to apply and if there is any opportunities for getting Scholarship from your University thank you to read my message pleas answer me as soon as possible

    with my best regards.
    Ammal Esmaeel Ibrahim

    emil: [email protected]

  7. Belay Abebe says:

    I am Ethiopian with MA Degree in Developmental Psychology from Addis Ababa university (GPA = 3.75 ). I did my MA thesis in child abuse and neglect which I want to further expand the research adding more variables. I want to participate in Doctoral Fellowships within the Jena Graduate School Human Behaviour in Social and Economic Change (GSBC) (Jena, Germany). I am married with 2 children who are about 3 and 6 years old. I need family scholarship.
    I will be happy if you assist me in getting the scholarship mentioned above or in any place which you think that it satisfies my need

    Thank you very much

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