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Importance of English Grammar

English is a universal language that helps people hailing from different ethnicities to connect and continue conversations. This is even applicable to colleges and universities wherein international students from various backgrounds are able to communicate freely. Even lectures in major universities are conducted in English and therefore it is necessary to have a good command over the language. However, one of the main aspects of spoken and written English is its grammar. Only when the grammar is proper, do the sentences make sense. Thus, it is important to realize the importance of grammar in language.

Grammar is the structure and sound of a language. Native English speakers are able to recognize the grammar and are therefore able to speak grammatically correct sentences. It may however, be a struggle for non-native speakers who have to learn the language from its core and whose mother is another language. For such students, understanding the grammar may seem to be difficult.

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Effective Writing And Grammar

Writing is a complex activity and can be challenging to many students. While many students may be able to speak the language but not construct grammatically correct sentences while writing; it is thus essential for teachers to bridge this gap and helps students apply basic grammar rules while constructing sentences.

Research indicates that not all grammatical rules are applicable while writing, therefore the teacher needs to guide students regarding the right application of only those aspects of grammar that is relevant to writing. The teacher when exposes the student to the right rules of grammar, students are able to develop the proper writing skills and thus make sentences that have proper meaning and are able to express the ideas coherently. For international students, this is especially true because they may have difficulty in wording their thoughts in English properly.

Thesis And Dissertation

Every student has to write thesis, dissertations or academic papers while going ahead with their studies. These papers indicate the level of knowledge that the student possesses and whether he/she has understood the concepts clearly. While it may seem like a number of words and figures put together, these papers are the amalgamation of the students knowledge that he/she has acquired over the years of study and research. Thus, it is extremely important that these papers be presented in the right manner with proper sentence structure.

Grammatical errors tend to ruin thesis and dissertations due to their lack of quality. Teachers and professors should encourage students, especially those whose native language is not English to make use of dictionary and thesaurus to ensure that the quality of the paper is maintained.

Special attention should be given to which university the student is attending, American and British English grammar defer a great deal. Therefore, it is upon the student to differentiate properly and write their paper accordingly.

Some of  The Common Grammatical Mistakes

International students whose native language is not English tend to make the following mistakes;

-Improper use of articles (A, An, The)

-Confusion in the use of ‘to’ as preposition or as an infinitive.

-Mistakes in contractions (You’re and Your)

-No agreement between subject and verb

Teachers as well as students need to make equal efforts to better the grammar. A well written and coherent thesis that puts across the ideas clearly will impress the readers and will generally be easily accepted than a poorly formulated dissertation.