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EPSRC PhD Studentship UK

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Titile : EPSRC PhD Studentship UK
Description : Theory And Design Of Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering The 5* research rated School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Leeds University, invites applicants to apply for an EPSRC (PhD) Doctoral Training Grant studentship for 3 years, to start as soon as possible. A fully funded PhD studentship including tuition fees at the UK/EU rate and maintenance at the EPSRC rate (currently at £12,600 per year) is available in the Quantum Electronics research group for studies in the area of terahertz quantum cascade lasers. The project will involve continuing our development of a physical model of electron transport based on electron band structure and electron scattering calculations in order to design new devices and obtain a deeper theoretical understanding of existing devices. This project offers the opportunity to interact with experimental workers at Leeds who have a thriving programme in the fabrication of these devices.
Link : http://www.jobs.ac.uk/jobs/BL476/EPSRC_Partial_DTG_PhD_Studentship/
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