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Ministry of Health Opens Nomination For 750 External Scholarships For MOH Employees  

Saudi’s Ministry of Health or MOH has recently announced to open nomination of 750 external scholarship program for Saudi’s MOH employees (Title I and self-employment staff).

The scholarship will be distributed to pursue education in the academic year 1436H/2015 and earn BA, Master’s Degree and PhD Degree in a wide variety of administrative and health domains.

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The Specialties Are As Follows

Medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacology, respiratory therapy, X-ray, emergency and intensive care, laboratory and blood banks, clinical nutrition, nuclear therapy, physics, physical rehabilitation, functional therapy, artificial organ procedures, health management, information technology and health education.

This scholarship comes in line with Ministry of Health’s strategies which focus on creating competent national professionals, capable of offering high-end health services and developing qualities within its employees to boost their performance level in health facilities and to improve the level of services offered to general citizens.

The MOH officials said, “Acceptance of nomination request will soon start in the first week of January 2015 and the department will continue accepting the nominations for another two months.”

The officials further added, “Employees interested in the scholarship program need to obtain approval letter from accredited universities by Ministry of Higher Education and submit it within three months from start date of accepting request of nomination”.

Employees are required to submit their request for nomination electronically by creating a personal account at the portal of MOH.

The Training and Scholarships General Department at MOH has strategically set systematic mechanism to distribute the 750 scholarships to all the eligible employees, of which 50% will be allocated to physicians and dentists, while the remaining 50% will be disbursed based on the rate of workers categories belonging to MOH’s health and administrative department and the standards of manpower in healthcare facilities.

Moreover, department’s recommendations and views will be taken into account to identify their needs and requirements for the scholarships, preference will be given to employees from most rare specialties.

So, it is of no worth here that the seats decided for the scholarships cover a variety of specialties. The external scholarship announced by Saudi’s Ministry of Health is dedicated for all the employees belonging to a variety of specialties.

In Saudi’s health specialties, there are 5 seats reserved in nuclear therapy, 20 seats for radiology, 85 seats for nursing, 50 seats for pharmacy program, 30 seats for blood banks and laboratories, 20 seats for emergency and ambulatory medicine, 2 seats for poison control and forensic chemistry, 15 seats for clinical nutrition, 4 seats for clinical psychology, 7 seats for ophthalmology, 7 seats for epidemiology, 6 seats for ischemic heart, 25 seats for ophthalmology, 5 seats for speech therapy, 4 seats for prosthetic limbs, 10 seats for occupational therapy, 5 seats for physical therapy, 5 seats for dentistry and 10 seats for natural physics.

Moreover, the external scholarship also include 68 seats for administrative specialties including clinical risks management, comprehensive quality management, health informative management, health education and promotion, health administration and business administration.

For further information on external scholarship by MOH you may email at financial-at-moh.gov.sa or visit the official website of Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia.