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Five Top Multinational MBA Schools

It has become commonplace among the best business schools in the United States to open campuses on other continents, or to form alliances with established business schools around the globe.  These schools generally develop a global MBA program that includes time spent at one or more of these campuses located outside the United States, either as students, or as business interns, or both.  Often the global MBA is an option that working businessmen will pursue after they have several years of business experience.  The opportunity to study in China or the UK or India also gives students the opportunity to network, which many MBA graduates believe is one of the most important aspects of the MBA experience.  It is likely that students from other nations who choose to study in U.S. business schools find networking with future businessmen and with business school alumni to be a valuable experience as well.  Here is a brief list of top tier U.S. business schools with global educational programs.

1.      University of Chicago Booth School of Business offers an international MBA program that includes a year’s study abroad at one of the thirty three partner institutions available to Booth MBA students.  Many spend the second year of their MBA program in one of the twenty one nations that have business schools with a working relationship with the University of Chicago, with classes offered in seven languages.

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2.      Stanford University School of Business offers a Global Management program as one of the educational tracks for the MBA degree.  There is collaboration project with Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management in China that assembles teams of students from both schools to work together on a nine month project.  Stanford students spend a week at Tsinghua, and students from Tsinghua spend a week at Stanford.  There is also a Global Immersion program (GMIX) in which Stanford MBA students work in a corporate or non-profit organization in one of twenty three countries including Australia, Brazil, China, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, and Switzerland.

3.      University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business is the oldest and one of the finest business schools in the United States.  Currently Wharton operates campuses in Philadelphia at the University’s traditional campus, and in the Silicon Valley in California.  The Wharton MBA has an option for students interested in international study.  The Global Consulting Practicum pairs five Wharton students with five students drawn from one of the partner schools located in Chile, China, Colombia, India, Israel, Peru, Spain, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates to work as a team in a corporate or non-profit organization in the U.S.

4.      Duke University Fuqua School of Business has a Cross-Continent MBA program that puts students in six nations over the course of the sixteen month program for short periods of immersion in foreign business cultures.  Students in this program study in London, Dubai, New Delhi, St. Petersburg, Shanghai/Kunshan and at the Duke campus in Durham, North Carolina.  Applicants must have at least three years’ business experience and obviously, the ability to do a lot of traveling.

5.      University of Michigan Ross School of Business has an International MBA Exchange program that allows U.S. students to study for a semester at one of the partner business schools in other nations.  Students must enroll in the partner school full time, for business courses that can be applied for credit with the Ross MBA program,  The partner schools are in Hong Kong, Copenhagen, London, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, and Australia.

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