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Fulbright British Friends Harvard Business School (BFHBS) Award, 2009-10

Fulbright British Friends Harvard Business School (BFHBS) Award, 2009-10

Fulbright-British Friends of Harvard Business School (BFHBS) Award 2009-10


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* Please read the following notes carefully and refer to them when filling in the attached application form.

* Applications for Fulbright BFHBS Awards must be received in full by the Commission no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, 3 April 2009. All application materials including references must be submitted together in a single envelope.

* Fulbright BFHBS Awards are given for MBA study at Harvard Business School only. If you are applying to other business schools, you should apply for a Fulbright Award in the (Traditional) Postgraduate Awards category.

* Candidates must have applied to Harvard Business School in either the first round, November 2008, or the second round, January 2009.

* The Award provides tuition fees for the first academic year, as long as there is no duplication of funding from other sources. If your tuition fees are paid from any other source, you must inform the Commission and BFHBS.

* Fulbright Awards are not deferrable. If you defer your place at university, you will have to reapply for the Award, with new references for the correct academic year.

* To be eligible for a Fulbright Award, you must hold a minimum 2:1 undergraduate degree (or the equivalent). If you have not yet graduated, you must provide confirmation of 2:1 or higher in summer 2009.

* Fulbright Awards are offered by the US-UK Fulbright Commission to UK citizens only. If you hold or are eligible to hold, US citizenship, you may not apply to us.

* All Fulbright scholars travel to the US on a J1 visa which requires them, on completion of their study programme, to return to their home country for a cumulative total of two years before they become eligible for a temporary worker’s visa or for permanent residence in the United States. Tourist travel to the US during this time is not affected.

* The Trustees of the BFHBS ask for evidence of financial need and a commitment by grantees to return to the UK after graduating with an MBA.

* Sponsored awards imply no obligation on the part of either the sponsor or the successful candidate to work for the sponsor.

Please read the terms and conditions for this award category before making an application.


  1. Nargis says:

    i wanna ask that is there any opportunity for Asians to come to harvard through fulbright scholarship

  2. Jemal Kemal Nigo says:

    E-mail- [email protected]
    Name :Jemal Kemal Nigo.
    qualification:M.Sc degree in Mathematics from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.
    Current Job:lecturer in Haramaya University.
    Subject: to pursue my PhD degree in Applied Mathematics with Musical Modeling or in any field related to Mathematics and Economics.
    So please, help me in getting fully funded PhD scholarship.

  3. Jemal Kemal Nigo says:

    [email protected]
    My name is Jemal Kemal Nigo. I have M.Sc degree in Mathematics from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. Now I am a lecturer in Haramaya University. I want to pursue my PhD degree in Applied Mathematics with Musical Modeling or in any field related to Mathematics and Economics. So please, help me in getting fully funded PhD scholarship.


    Iam Edward F Natamba from Uganda aged 28yrs. I have a degree in BA(SS) graduated in 2004 from Makerere University. I also have a diploma in Business Studies from Makerere Business Institute.
    Iwould like to go for masters in Business Administration. Please advise me on how i can get scholarship.
    Thanx alot


  5. Menbere Abebe says:

    I am an Ethiopian and I have graduated on July 2007 form Haramaya University in Law. Currently, I am looking for a scholarship to study Economics as a second degree. I would be glad if you offer me this opportunity to pursue my dream.

    Thank you!

  6. Aman Enyew says:

    I am Aman Enyew from Ethiopia which found in the horn of Africa. I offered my BSc degree in agricultural extension in Alemaya University found in Ethiopia in 2005 with commulative GPA 3,34. In addition to this i am Diploma graduated from Hawass University in Animal production and range land management in 1994 . Therfore; i have more than six years experience, working in agricultural sector of the country and local community based institution as manger and field coordinator for two years. currently , i have worked in international humanitarian organization named FARM Africa which has worked with the objective of poverty reduction in most vulnerable rural people of the country. So ,As our country is under developed ,i have very much interst for my master degree in the field of rural development or in any other development fields to contribute my best for the life improvement of the rural people. Therefore; i need your support for the realization of my dream regarding any information application requirements and other necessary prerequisites.I look for your response hopefully.
    with best regard Aman Enyew

  7. Abdulmuen Mohammed says:

    I am Ethiopian 25 old, I hold DVM Degree from Addis Ababa University In August 2007.

    Currently I am working on Pastoral Livelihood Strengthening Project with an International NGO in Pastoral area of Ethiopia.

    I want to continue my educational career To Master / PhD level in any field of Veterinary, Public health, Rural Development….etc. In order to contribute my best to the Development of the Pastoralists.

    So, could you, please, give me information on how to obtain or help me in getting free/ fully funded Scholarship from any country of the world.


    Kindly, Addulmuen M.

  8. Legesse Hailu says:

    I am from africa Ethiopia i have first degree from Addis Ababa university in Management and need to contineu second degree in MBA so please consider me in the program.

  9. Sturmius Teofanus Bate says:

    I am a civil servant currently working for the Indonesian government. I am looking for a scholarship possibility suitable to my GPA (2,92). I find it a bit difficult since most offers a minimum GPA of 3 as the main requirement. Hope you will give me the solution. Thanks before!

  10. Mideksa Bogale says:

    I have got my BSC degree at Hawassa University WondoGenet College of Forestry and Natural Resource Management in Natural Resource Management in March,2008 with CGPA 3.64 at the age of 29 years. Moreover,I have graduated from Jimma University with Diploma in Horticulture in 2000/2001 and I have developed intensive practical expriences for the last seven years.
    Currently, I am working with humaniterian organization called FARM Africa which has been working to reduce poverty through local resource mobilization and renewable natural resource managment. Thus, I am very much eager to upgrade my academic competence and then contribute my professional share to wards development of my country and the world at large. I am very much concerned to seek solution for natural resource degradation we have been obseving in my country as well as the glob in general. So would you help me in facilitating a scholarship opportunity so that my dream will be realized any where in any development studies and Natural resource management areas?
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you in advance!

  11. Linah says:

    I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of providing information on scholarships.
    I am a 23 years and I hold a Diploma in Personnel Management and Higher Diploma in Human resource Management.I have been looking for a scholarship to study for a degree in Human Resource Management and the efforts have not been fruitful.Is there a way you can assist me in looking for the scholarship to study the degree?
    Your assistance and support is highly appreciated.

  12. I am a 29yrs old graduate in mathematics and economics from Njala University College,university of Sierra Leone. I presently work with the Rokel Commercial Bank but wants to pursue a course in any of the following, Msc biostatistics, Msc econometrics, or MBA ,i will kindly appreciate if you can help me

  13. Mekdes says:

    I am currently a university student in Ethiopia studying business EDUCATION I will graduate in 2009/10. I would like to continue my studies and obtain a masters in international business or any related field in your university.
    Thank you for all your cooperation


  14. Awol says:

    I am Awol from Ethiopia.I have gotten my BA degree in Economics from the known Harramaya University in my home country 14 july 2007.Now I am working at the Ethiopian Telecommunication corporation as a planning officer.I want to continue my education(MA) in Economics and related fields like MBA but the problem is lack of money(finance) since I am living at top least developing country.so if you give me a fully funded scholarship,my deep rooted long vision will get its right track.

  15. Ahmed Bazeid Ould Semetta says:

    I am a teacher in the technical secondary school in our capital Nouakchott as full time job .In the part time job I teach a laboratory cours in our university ( the university of Nouakchott) in the departement of physics.Moreover, I have a “Maitrise”(4 years of study in university according to French system of education) in English literature.I plan to continue my studies in the themes related to car polution or heating.I obtained my master degree in Siences(speciality of locomotives) from Saint petersburg university of ways communicatioin in 1994.

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