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Fully-funded NERC & EPSRC PhD Studentships in Physical Geography, UK

Job Description : The School of Geography at the University of Nottingham invites applications from suitably qualified students for one NERC funded studentship and one EPSRC funded studentship. Information on the School‡s research themes in Environmental and Geomorphological Sciences, Environment and Society and Geographical Information Science is available at: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/geography. Although applications are invited in any relevant area of the School‡s research expertise, applications for the following projects are encouraged:

EPSRC Studentship:

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• Augmenting Geographical layers in a rural landscape (E1)
Supervisor: Dr G Priestnall

• Sensor networks for measurement of UK forest growth and productivity (E2)
Supervisors: Dr D Boyd, Mr J Morley, Professor J Crowe

• Meeting UK environmental targets associated with air pollutants: modelling the impacts of climate, emissions policy and uncertainty (E3)
Supervisors: Professor S Metcalfe, D Whyatt

• Lake ecosystem response to hydrological extremes (E4)
Supervisor: Dr S McGowan

• The use of gene expression programming  in predictive contaminated site characterisation  (E5)
Supervisors: P Nathanail, Dr R Abrahart

NERC Studentship:

• Spatially distributed modelling of gaseous carbon dioxide fluxes from ombrotrophic peatlands (N1)
Supervisors: Dr D Boyd, Mr J Morley, K Anderson

• Using Envisat MERIS MTCI to characterise the response of the terrestrial biosphere to spatio-temporal variability in atmospheric carbon dioxide as measured by GOSAT FTS (N2)
Supervisors: Dr D Boyd, Professor G Foody, J Dash

• The influence of atmospheric N deposition on the ecology of lakes in Southwest Greenland (N3)
Supervisor: Dr S McGowan

• Dynamical modelling of rivers (N4)
Supervisors: Dr R Abrahart, Dr N Mount

• Macroecology as a means of understanding global patterns of biodiversity (N5)
Supervisor: Dr R Field

• Vegetation dynamics of the Krakatau islands since 1883 (N6)
Supervisor: Dr R Field

• Amphibian chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) distribution and dispersal in Cusuco National Park, Honduras (N7)
Supervisor: Dr R Field

• Hurricane frequency and its impact: a study of environmental sensitivity of the Lesser Antilles (N8)
Supervisors: Professor S Metcalfe, Dr G Endfield, A Dugmore

Closing date: 04 June 2010

Further details of each project are available at: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/geography.

Students should have a first class or upper second class degree and should ideally have, or be undertaking, a Masters degree in a relevant discipline.

These studentships are available from September 2010 and will cover the cost of fees at the Home/EU rate and include a maintenance grant for three years (NERC) and 3.5 years (EPSRC).  In line with research council requirements, the studentships are open to UK or EU citizens only.

Students should send a copy of their cv, together with the names and Email addresses of two referees, and a statement outlining their academic interests and reasons for applying for this studentship, to Mrs J Ashmore, Email: [email protected].  Students should give an indication of their area of research interest and, for projects other than those listed above, will be required to submit a research proposal.  Applications should be clearly marked ‘Physical Geography Studentships‡.

Reference code:LSS238

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