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GESA/Janssen Gilead Snr Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Australia

The purpose of the GESA Senior Research Fellowship is to provide an opportunity for outstanding biomedical and health researchers with proven track records to undertake research that is of major importance in the broad field of gastroenterology, hepatology or related disorders.
Study Subject:gastroenterology, hepatology or related disorders
Description: The Fellowship is intended to provide bridging support to allow GESA members to successfully apply to the NHMRC Research Fellowships Scheme. This fellowship is tenable in association with a gastroenterological unit (medical, surgical or paediatric) in a teaching hospital, a University Department or Research Institution that has demonstrated interest in research into gastrointestinal health and disease.

Applicants must hold a higher degree.



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Time and Value

This fellowship is for a maximum of three (3) years only.

Current value of this Senior Research Fellowship package is $100,000 p.a.


The applicant is required to:

* Read, understand and agree to all the requirements listed in the 2011 Instruction booklet.
* Be a current financial member of the Gastroenterological Society of Australia, defined as “being a financial member of the society for at least one year prior to application for this award”;
* Hold a relevant postgraduate research degree (MD, PhD or equivalent);
* Be more than ten (10) years but no more than twenty (20) years from the awarding of their postgraduate research degree and wish to make their career in Australia undertaking research in an Australian academic institution;
* Have a demonstrated role as an independent investigator committed to full-time research in gastroenterology/hepatology;
* Be a senior member of a team with current research funding as evidenced by project or program grant funding (i.e., from NHMRC, ARC, NIH, hospital foundation or university sources).
* Attend the next Australian Gastroenterology Week (AGW) following notification of the award and in each year of tenure; and
* Correctly complete the application form and lodge it with attachments prior to the closing date.

Application Deadline:31 July 2011

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