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Google Zawadi Africa Scholarship

The Zawadi Africa Organization is proud to offer the Google Zawadi Africa Scholarship for the academic year 2019-20.

The Zawadi Africa Education Fund is a program designed to provide scholarships to academically gifted girls from disadvantaged backgrounds from Africa to pursue higher education in the U.S.A, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya.


  1. Be a female student
  2. Have an A or an A- in your KCSE exams.
  3. Have undertaken a leadership role(s) in your school and/or community.
  4. Come from a financially needy background.
  5. Should have completed high school no more than two years before applying to Zawadi Africa.

How to Apply

If you meet the above criteria, please download our Zawadi 2019 Application form

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  • Application Process
  • Clarity of Information


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Application Deadline: April 5, 2019

Further Scholarship Information and Application


  1. BRENDA OWINO says:

    My name is brenda and i would like to further my education in food and nuitrion,how can i apply for the scholarship.

  2. patrick kemboi says:

    am an orphan who passed very well in 2007 and would like to pursue a degree course in medicene and cannot do so because of financial constraintsfurthermore iam an athlete able to expand my talent abroad.Please help

  3. Allan Anusu says:

    I am a 20 year old Kenyan. I completed my KCSE in 2007 and did well. I wish to study Aeronautical engineering but I can’t afford it. Could Zawadi Africa Scholarships assist me?

  4. Catherine Kiprotich J. says:

    Iam 20 years kenyan who completed her Secondary Education in 2008 attaining a mean grade of B plain. I want to pursue BSC in Nursing offered at University Of Eastern Africa Baraton, kenya but cannot get the necessary fees for the course.

    My Mother pass away in 1995 when i was just 7 years and iam the first born in the family my dad has been fending for us but cannot afford to pay for further my education.
    I learn t about Zawadi Africa scholarships who assist disadvantage girls to pursue their education please me.

    Thanks Zawadi Africa for what you are doing.
    Looking forward to your responses
    Please use my dad email [email protected]



    Wama needy self help group is a registered group that was established to cater for the needs of disadvantaged widows and orphans who are primarlily affected by HIV/AIDS either directly or indirectly in North Rift Kenya in provision of education,food,shelter,clothes and other neccesities. Its stationed at Kamuyu Village, Burnt Forest near Eldoret.
    The group is now seeking any assistance in form of food, clothes, bedding or financial assistance. The organisation is found in an area which was mostly affected by the post-election violence which elupted in kenya as a result of disputed presidential election violence which makes it difficult for it to operates.
    We are also seeking funds for a student who was called to Egerton university to persue a Bachelor Of Science Degree In Applied Aquatic Science.
    Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

    For additional information or testimonials contacts the:

    P.O BOX 280
    30102 BURNT FOREST.

    Or call 0720 649258 or 0713847388

    Thank you in Advance.

  6. Beryl anyango says:

    My name is Beryl, aged 22yrs from Kenya. I studied in Uganda right from O-level and i attained 14 aggregates in 10. With the help of God i proceeded on to A-levels where i got 19 points. I really want to continue with my education to a higher level but i do not have any funds. My mother is struggling in Southern Sudan and my father is unemployed living up country..I hope my application will be taken into consideration..thanks in advance…

  7. Nakaliisa Aminah says:

    I am Nakaliisa Aminah, female by gender and Ugandan by nationality. I finished high school and attained Uganda advanced certificate of education in 2009(UACE)
    However i desperately wish to further my education particularly in the field of medicine and specifically in orthopaedic medicine, but because of financial inability i cannot make it on my own, i need some one’s help to go through this.
    It has been a hard time throughout my studies as in rising fees, it has been my mother who have single handily helped me.
    Unfortunately she has been diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetic therefore she cannot work any longer to generate fees for me. My aunties are suggesting marriage for me which I don’t want, so I am looking for the opportunity to further my studies.Concerning extra- curricular activities I have been in some leadership position in school, first as a sanitary prefect and in my high school I was a mobiliser of the UN club which is encouraging the 8 millennium development goals.

  8. Vinord odhiambo aketch says:

    I am almost through with my diploma in water engineering at kenya water institute-Nairobi and wants to continue with my degree till masters but has otherwise i.e financialy crushed please assit or hook me up with relevant scholarships in my field of civil engineering.

  9. Victoria G says:

    I am a Kenyan girl of 22 years.I am currently studying medicine.I am facing financial problems hence its becoming difficult for me to pay fees. Both of my parents are jobless. They are peasant farmers and the money they get is too little to pay for my fees. I will really appreciate if i can get a scholarship to finish my course and thus be able to help my family in future. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.

  10. sunjida shahriah says:

    I HAV COMPLETED MY MBBS &M Phil in human anatomy from university of dhaka bangladesh. now i am searching for a Phd programme. would you kindly help me to grant me a Phd scholarship.
    my email id is. [email protected]
    dr.sunjida shahriah

  11. Hi Brethren in Christ”s vineyard!!
    I am a first year student in Daystar University,Kenya.l am saved and loves Jesus Christ as my personal saviour.
    l am majoring in accounts and business administration and management as my minor.l have tearfully missed two academic years out of college due to lack of school fee.l am looking for any person willing to sponsor me to show up.
    Please,help me,l am in need.

  12. Robert Afayo says:

    I suffered from iddi amin war in Uganda in i979. Lost my leg in war and have faced cultural neglect because of my disability.
    i have managed to finish my advanced level but failed to get money for my university education. I believe i have a duty to fight for people like me and this can only happen if i attain this vital education.

  13. helena uganda says:

    am helena from uganda, currently with wildlife clubs of ugand as an education intern for great apes survival project(GRASP).
    searching for masters degree in social anthropology

    please help
    also [email protected]

  14. john says:

    I am a nigerian and i want to be a part of this scholarship scheme, i only my west african senior secondary school certificate and i wish to be a part in any science related cources, i will be very grateful if my request will be granted,talking about education i am a beauty to talk about, so i am puting my hope and effort in this scholarship by lighting my candle till day break please help me because i am not financially capable to pay my fees so i need your help. thanks for your concern GOODDAY

  15. bright kwaku says:

    i am HND Civil Engineering graduate and would like to do further studies in Structural Engineering or Highway Engineering. i need info on scholarship for these further studies.

  16. Congratulations Zawadi Africa for the good work of ensuring that needy students can also access higher education.I’m a Kenyan student at my first year at the University of Nairobi persuing BCOM.I’m therefore requesting for a scholarship and financial aid to help me realize my full potential.I’m an orphan from a poor background.Hope to hear from you soon and I beleive I’m going to succeed .Bravo once again.


  18. Hello!
    I am Ashager Melese from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I have graduated from Arba Minich University, Ethiopia, in Business Management, with CGPA of 3.45 on July 14, 2007. Now, I am working in one of Government organization as an expert and I need your help to grant me international scholarship to up grade my profession by MBA or any other related fields in any of international Universities. I am waiting your response through [email protected].

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Ashager Melese
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  19. mukirania salama says:

    what about those who have failed to pay 4 their school fees but they want to advance in their studies dont you provide them with some financial or any support? if tou do what are the steps 4 to apply.

  20. tabitha nduku says:

    I am a kenyan lady aged 24years old just cleared campus with a degree in earlychildhood studies.I would like to do a masters in the same field if i get some help from you because i mostly depended on H.E.L.B mostlly for my undergraduate studies.
    Chilren in Africa Need to be nurtured and thats why i took studies on children because i would love to be a part of their development and growth and to help them in learning.please help me so that in return i can help the children of Africa.
    thankyou Zawadi Africa For what you are doing.

  21. daniel lutalo mark says:

    am a ugandan completing my diploma in medical engineering. i want t go abroad and finish my degree but i cannot raise the required funds . uganda less than 10 medical engineers most of with diplomas, this gives me a chance to help my country. thanks for your help in advance.
    daniel lutalo


    I am 24 years old ETHIOPIAN gay who completed my BSC dgree in the year 2006 scoring a commulative GPA OF 3.27 with a field of NURSING.Now i am teacning with the governmental health science college but i want to contineu masters dgree with REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH in order to solve my country problem.Pleas would you help me by facilitating such field.
    with best regards

  23. Brenda Wacuka Njoroge says:

    my mother’s e-mail address is this as I will be away at boarding school should you want to contact me

  24. Brenda Wacuka Njoroge says:

    I am a 15 year old girl currently studying in Precious Blood Riruta in Kenya.I am the top 5 in my class which is the second best girls school in the country,I have been a game’s captain,I have been a Prefect for 6 years,I participate in community service and have cleaned up a market and have visited hospitals to visit sick children,I have won awards because of my acting skills,and have all the certificates to prove it.All I want is a chance to prove myself to you so that you can make the best choice you acan by contacting me.I am of strong character and I must say that my life has made me this way.I have made a volley ball team,organised a festival for over 300 kids when I was 12,with certificates, and believe that because of this,you too will see me as I wish you to.If that is not made possible,I still thank you for reading this.But if it is,a scholarship to finish my high school would be great.As Martin Luther King once said…take the first step in faith.You do not have to see the whole staircase,just take the first step.THIS IS MY FIRST STEP.

  25. Berhanu Mekonnen says:

    I ve got a Bachelors of Science Degree in computer science obtained from Addis Ababa university in Ethiopia and i have a I currently work for a Royal University college as an Assistant instractor in the Dept.of IT.

    I want to pursue a Masters Degree incomputer science abroad but i cannot afford to sponsor myself. I feel that if i do my masters it will help me contribute positively to the IT profession in Ethiopia

    Please advise how i can go about obtaining a full scholarship because with my meagre resources i cannot afford to go for further studies.

    Kind regards,
    Berhanu Mekonnen

  26. Aluoch linda says:

    I am a 20 years old Kenyan Lady who completed her ‘O’ Levels in the year 2006 scoring a mean Grade of C+. I want to pursue a diploma in Applied Biology but I haven’t been able due to lack of tution fees. I understand that you help those who pass highly and with special cases but I am kindly asking if I get any financial aid to pay for my college fees. I have no other means of getting enough earnings to pay for my fees.

  27. Joel Siwale says:

    I ve got a Bachelors of Business Administration Degree( with Credit Pass) obtained from The Copperbelt university in Zambia and i have a Diploma in Purchasing & Supply offered by The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (U.K). I currently work for a Copper Mine as an Inventory Controller in the Supply Dept.

    I want to pursue a Masters Degree in Purchasing & Supply Chain Management abroad but i cannot afford to sponsor myself. I feel that if i do my masters it will help me contribute positively to the procurement profession in Zambia which is currently frowned upon as a corrupt profession.

    Please advise how i can go about obtaining a full scholarship because with my meagre resources i cannot afford to go for further studies.

    Kind regards,

    Joel siwale

  28. Edwin says:

    I am 24 years old frm Tanzania. I hold a bachelor degree in Mass Communications from St. Augustine University of Tanzania.
    My problem is, I don’t know how and where to get scholarship for masters degree in Film and Television production.

  29. aradom kelali says:

    I am aradom 26years old from Ethiopia. I am BA holder with Economics -GPA 3.07 and BA in Accounting {at Mekelle University and Alpha University respectively}. I want to study masters’ level at any University related to my education. I am working in governmental office of capacity building as an expert of human resource management. How can I get the admission application form and grant form my study time? I would also like know whether I am eligible for this opportunity. If you put forward part time work I can cover up my tutoring overheads. Would you please help me finding out this information?
    I hope that you will consider my request for that scholarship.
    Thank you
    Conatact me
    [email protected]

  30. FELEKE MURGA says:

    I am FELEKE MURGA A 23 years old Ethiopian and. I have B.ED in chemistry from Mekelle University ( Ethiopia ) in July 16,2006 . I have been work as a teacher in department of Chemistry at Agene Secondary school from September 2006-2008 . Now I am working in private . And I want to up grade my education to masters degree in Eduction or any related area of study in post graduate program. I would be glad if i am linked with a scholarship for this program. THIS will afford me the opportunity to aquire the neccsary skills that will improve my quality of work to overcome the problem of quality teachers in my country . Iam grateful for the opportunity to get a scholarship in any recognised University .

    I am looking forward to your response


  31. Abdul-Latif Abdul-Malik says:

    I am a graduate from the department of Nutrition and Food Science of the University of Ghana and I would appreciate it a lot if you could help me get a scholarship to study Public Health in a recognised University

  32. Abdulmuen Mohammed says:

    I am Ethiopian 25 old, I hold DVM Degree from Addis Ababa University In August 2007.

    Currently I am working on Pastoral Livelihood Strengthening Project with an International NGO in Pastoral area of Ethiopia.

    I want to continue my educational career To Master / PhD level in any field of Veterinary, Public health, Rural Development….etc. In order to contribute my best to the Development of the Pastoralists.

    So, could you, please, give me information on how to obtain or help me in getting free/ fully funded Scholarship from any country of the world.


    Kindly, Addulmuen M.

  33. lotan says:

    im a kenyan who was realliy affected by what took place in tha month of june. My dad is a farmer and my mum is a typist. I woul ask any one out there to aid me with a scholrship because the course im undertaking is to avoid what happened to my beloved country.Im at daystar university doing a B.A in Peace ann conflict resolution.YOUR aid will be highly appreciated TOGETHET we can heal africa. God bless you

  34. sarah wangeci says:

    I am Kenyan and have a Diploma in Information technology from a local university. I wish to continue with a degree on the same or related discipline to realize my dreams , but hasn’t due to financial constraints. I am therefore seeking for scholarship and would be more than glad if you considered me for one.

    I look forward to your response.
    Thank you.

  35. ZERIHUN ABERA says:

    i have bachelor degree in Geography from A.A UNIVERSITY . I want to upgrade my education in areas /fields of humanities and social work /sociology and looking for scholarship because i can not learn by my own. I am looking forward to your response

  36. Lawrence Hassan Mohammed. says:

    I am a kenya student at the Daystar University pursuing community Development and Bible Majors. My family disowened me when I converted to christianity from Islam. All through I have surving at the mercies of the wellwishers. I am now faced with acute finacial constraints that are almost barring me from continuing with my studies. I am therefore requesting for you asistance so that I get to realise my goals in life. I am serious with God and I will never go back to Islam again.

  37. ahmed abdelmeguid says:

    i am ahmed from egypt, and i am searching for a scholarship for Phd or fellowship in anesthsia or pain .i am interested in cardiac ,pediatric,transplant anesthesia,transoesophageal echocardiography, and in pain management

  38. I am JOHN BLESSING from Nigeria, i am seriously longing for free scholarship for my masters in process and petroleum engineering in USA. Please darely in need of help from you.

  39. I am JOHN BLESSING from Nigeria, i am seriously long for free scholarship for my masters in process and petroleum engineering in USA. Please darely in need of help from you.


    I am Kenyan diploma holder in IMIS-UK since finished college i have never got nice job.hence this has made to look for a sponsor who will help me finish my degree course in IT
    to enable me fit in competitive market.I also come from poor family i only have single mother who also pay fees for the other member of the family.Given this GOLDEN opportunity i will use it maximally to ensure i read hard to help other member of the community.
    I hope to here from your soon.

  41. tesfalem haileslassie says:

    hi what i want to say is that , how can i get schoolarship to learn
    in masters of computer science ,since i have B.SC in information
    science from AAU and i will have B.ED in chemistry from AMU next
    year ,and i have been teaching chmistery for 5 years ,what is u’r
    sugetion to me.

  42. epokon josephat says:

    I am a Kenya working as a laboratory technichian and i would like to know more about Zawadi Africa because i would request to be assisted get scholarship since i can not raise fees for my next level of education . Please assist.

  43. Allan Muturi says:

    Dear Friends,

    I am Allan Muturi from nairobi kenya i have a diploma in journalism from a local college. After looking for a long time for a place to put my skills in practise and earn something at the same time, a friend of mine directed me to a monthly business magazine where am currently working. I want to further my studies to specialise in Photojournalism but whatever am earning is not enough to finance my studies only for basic needs. My parents are not able to support me since I have three siblings and they are peasant farmers. Education has stopped being a priority in our family. the little we get from our small firm is only for food and other minor needs.
    Am appealing to Zawadi to come to my rescue and assist me realize my dreams.

  44. Lucy Dranzoa says:

    Zawadi keep going strong. I too had fanancial problems and and could not persue human medicine, the Female carnegie Scholarship Initiative took me up for forestry instead. I am greatful to them. Is it possible to extend the same help to those of us who would like to persue masters and still cannot afford?


  45. Iam a ugandan holding Bechelors Degree in Social Sciences with option in Economics, I am interested in persuing masters in either Economics or Business, if awarded a scholarship. please is there any opportunity you can assist me? I possess second class upper degree with CGPA of 3.97 of Kyambogo University-Uganda, specialising in Economics.

  46. Daniel Girmai says:

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Daniel Girmai and I am Ethiopian in East Africa. I have BA degree in Accounting since july 16,2008 from Addis Ababa University . And I want to up grade my education to masters degree in Accounting or Business Management / Business Administration / Economics ,in Research or any related area of study.

    Please contanct me .Here is my Adress.

    E-mail [email protected]


    Thank you in advance

    Daniel Girmai

  47. ODIAHI PETER says:

    my name is Peter 0diahi, I am a Nurse working in HIV/AIDS care and support program in Nigeria. I have an offer to study for a Masters degree in International Health at Queen Magaret University Edinburgh, but I cannot afford the tuition. please I WOULD BE GLAD IF I am linked with a scholarship for this program.THIS will afford me the opportunity to aquire the neccsary skills that will improve my quality of work and Health services being rendered to people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria and Subsaharan Africa at Large.
    Thank you,



    My name is Mekonnen Tadesse Worku, I am an Ethiopian,hold my first degree from Addis Ababa University Commercial College in Accounting. Since I am supposed to be part of the cursed generation, specially like that of my country, It is a pity to get farther education here in my country, I would rather say dream to continue my education. Please any one who has got this memo tell me or show me the way to be a candidate for farther education for post graduate in any business field.


  49. mubarek nuru says:

    I am mubarek nuru from ethiopia. I have graduated in 2007 with 3.4 G.P.A in accounting and finance.Now iam working in ethiopian telecommunication corporation as project accountant.so i coudnot get the chance for further education due to financial problem but iam eager to continue for the M.A program in any field of study every where.So help me to the great extent you can and iam waiting for your fruit ful response.

  50. Fantahun says:

    I am fantahun from Ethiopia 3rd year computer science student in Arbaminch universty .I want learn more so help me

  51. george matovu says:

    I would like to seek sponsorship for my undergraduate in uganda, so please help me how to go about it, especially now that i can’t manage payining for myuself.

  52. Legesse Hailu says:

    Dear sir,

    I am from Athletes country Ethiopia I am younger in age and Diploma holder in education and studying for BA at Addis Ababa Universty third year student in Management and need to contineu my education in abroad university in postgraduate or undergraduate program. Further more I’m athlete and going to replace our heroes Haile Gebresilassie and Kenenissa Bekele and others.
    At the last but not at least we Ethiopian are successful in all sector give and watch as.

    Sincerly yours

    Legesse Hailu
    From Ethiopia

  53. Haile Michael Aklil says:

    Hello there my name is Haile Michael Aklil I have BA degree in Economics from Addis Ababa university now Ineed a further educatin with my field and related fields please help me,
    thank you.

  54. Am kanakulya martin from Uganda( East Africa ).I have A Dip in Architecture and am looking forward to see my self at ahigher level in this proffessional.i applied to Makerere university one of our national University for an undergraduate programme but i donot have funds to meet the costs.Your hand will be highly appreciated for change in my life.
    hope to here from you.
    Your’s faithfully
    kanakulya Martin

  55. shinun suleiman says:

    I graduated recently with a Bachelor of science with Education majoring in Physics. My CGPA is 3.7. My great thirst for Knowledge can not be helped by my background. Any information that you can avail is highly welcome.

  56. Dears

    I am an Ethiopian and I was graduate of Gondar University on 2007 in applied biology BSc. Degree with CGPA 3.64. Now I am working at Jimma University medicine school in teaching human anatomy and I have great interest to study on related subject in post graduate program. if I can get a chance to stay and study in your university I am sure to get enough knowledge theoretically as well practically then to overcome the problem of teachers of basic sciences in medicen study at my university.

    Great thanks!!!

  57. .Sintayehu Guta says:

    I am a researcher working at National Animal Health Diagnostic and Investigation Center, invoved in research activities regarding Zoonotic diseases such as TBand Brucellosis. I am very interested to learn postgraduate studies in public health ,Quality managment System ,Microbiology and food safety and quality ,and achieve better results in my reaserc activities through providing basic epidemiological information for the policy makers and contribute to the National Disease Control and Prevention Strategies and increase the acceptance of Ethiopian livestock product and by products in the international market.

  58. Andarge Abie says:

    I am Andarge Abie from Ethiopia (East Africa) I am Bsc holder in Public Health ,To help my poor coninent I am motivated to learn Community/Public health fields such as MPH,Health Service managment ,Reproductive health,Epedimiology …If you have a chance to enrolle please consider me
    Thank for your advance consideration

  59. Ephrem Guchi says:

    I am an Ethiopian and got MSc degree in Applied Microbiology and now I want to have Ph.D in the area of Biology Because I cannot Learn By my owen Self, And I hope you will arrange things for me and finally I will be successful,

    Thank You,
    Yours most respectifully,

    Ephrem Guchi.

  60. KEDEMA ABDISSA says:

    I Will be grateful if I get chance of winning a free scholarship for my Masters Degeer. And I hope you will arrange things for me and finally I will be successful.

  61. Tumainiel Samwel says:

    Hello Zawadi Africa, I’m a Tanzanian boy. I want to go for Masters Degree in Financial Management at Canada. I have Advanced Diploma in Marketing. So please help me to know if I will qualify for that program and if I will get Financial support because I don’t have Sponsorship and our Family is poor so can not support me please.

  62. BWANIKA SADATI says:

    am called bwanika sadati
    i finished my high school in 20007 with
    mathematics ;c
    fine art; d
    i failed to continue due to finanial problems
    am looking for a scholarship to finish my degree in compuetr science
    hope to be considered
    contacts ;tel;+256703032108;
    email;[email protected]

  63. khadijeh beigom ghoreishi says:

    i want to continiue my studing in phd degree in polymer chemistry.i get my Bs degree in pure chemistry from shiraz university and my Ms degree in polymer chemistry from mazandaran-babolsar university.my proposal field in Ms is :evaluation and studying of curing of epoxy resin with inorganic complex withDSC,TGA,IR teqniques.



  66. Emily Wambui Kimani says:

    I am 20 year old girl from Kenya who really likes reading. For the past year I have been wanting to go to school but that cannot happen because the only person who pays my school fees is a sick mother who is unable to pay for my college education.
    I would like to get a schorlaship to study a degree in International Business Administration so that I can be able to help other people in my country who have a similar problem.
    I look foward to your reply.


  67. juliueth mmary says:

    Hello There, im from Tanzania, just want to know if this scholorship provided does they provide financial aid at least a certain percent of fees? i want to appy for master studies in Canada, programme MBA in marketing 2009/2010

  68. I am a postgraduate finalist at University of Nairobi completing MA Rural sociology and community Development .I am interested in pursuing PHD degree if awarded a scholarship in the related area .please is there any way you can assist me? I posses a first degree in education specialized in English and Literature currently teaching high school.

  69. I am a postgraduate finalist at University of Nairobi completing MA Rural sociology and community Development .I am interested in pursuing PHD degree if awarded a scholarship in the related area .please is there any way you can assist me?

  70. Iam a male Ugandan aged 27, I own Hons Degree in Social Sciences Economics option with CGPA of 3.97. I seek a scholarship in any business or Economics field to the highest level, this will be advantageous to me and also to my country to gain competence in one of the above fields if my request is considered. I look forward to your reply

  71. Hanna Firesenbet says:


    I am 25 year old, female and from Ethiopia (the horn of Africa). I have got a BA degree in accounting with a 3.96 C.GPA out of 4. I need a scholarship in any business field to the highest level of study, so that it will help me to fight one of our country problem i.e. corruption.

    I look forward to your replay

    Hanna Firesenbet

  72. Mekonnen Muez Hadera says:

    My name is Mekonnen Muez Hadera and Iam Ethiopian and have living in Ethiopia. I have BA degree in Management since july 18,2007 with 3.31 comulative average point. Iam graduated in Mekelle Univerisity in Tigray,Ethiopia. New iam eagar to up grade my education to masters degree in Business Management / Business Administration / in Research or any related area of study.Iam grateful for the opportunity, please contact me using:

    E-mail [email protected]


    Thank you in advance

    With best regards


  73. spencer says:

    i have learned about the noble activity of zawadi in providing scholarships for needy & underprivilaged youths .continue doing so and may you be blessed

  74. Mulat Tazebew says:

    I want To get free Schoolarship for my masters degree education.
    Because I cannot Learn By my owen Self.

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