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Graduate Research Assistantship The University of Vermont USA

Graduate Research Assistantship (MS) – Vegetative Treatment Systems to Improve Water Quality of Agricultural Stormwater Runoff

Applications are being accepted for a Graduate Research Assistantship to support the investigation of treatment solutions to reduce nutrient concentrations and bacteria levels in stormwater runoff from livestock areas on a historic working farm.  The assistantship is offered through the Department of Plant & Soil Science at University of Vermont and supported through funds from the Vermont Water Resources & Lake Studies Center and the Lintilhac Foundation.   

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The successful applicant will work with Dr. Sarah Taylor Lovell of the Multifunctional Landscape Research Lab (http://www.uvm.edu/~slovell8) and Dr. Alan McIntosh to develop a bioretention system that is ecological, cost-effective, and practical for applications on small- or mid-sized livestock farms.   We will sample water quality at the inlet and outlet of the system to document the reduction in the inputs of phosphorus and bacteria into the nearby lake.  Vegetation and soils will also be sampled to determine nutrient uptake capacity.  This effort will not only contribute to our understanding of runoff treatment solutions, but also to the relationship between agricultural production and other functions such as recreation and water regulation. 

Specific responsibilities could include: water quality monitoring, plant analysis, and soil analysis.

Graduate Research Assistants are also expected to participate in teaching, data entry, preparation of research papers, presentation of results at scientific meetings, statistical analysis, and graphical illustration of data.  Preference will be given to students with experience in water quality analysis and plant science. 

The graduate research assistantship is comprised of a twelve-month, grant-supported stipend in the amount of $25,000/yr.  The student will be charged “in-state” tuition and fees. The workload is expected to average approximately 20 hours per week on research over a 12 month period.

Applicants can send a cover letter explaining interest in the project and qualifications, along with a curriculum vitae to Dr. Lovell. Admission will also require receipt of a completed application to our graduate program. Application materials can be found on the web through the Graduate School of University of Vermont (http://www.uvm.edu/~gradcoll/?Page=admissions.html3) for the graduate program in Plant and Soil Science (http://www.uvm.edu/~pss/10).   We will begin reviewing applications on April 1


Contact information:

Sarah Taylor Lovell, MLA, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Plant & Soil Science
201 Hills Agricultural Building
105 Carrigan Drive
Burlington, VT 05405-0082

Email:   [email protected]11
Ph:       802-626-0466
Fax:      802-656-4656

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  1. Leila Doleh says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Leila Doleh, I have MSc degree of Pomology from Guilan University, Iran. I studied postharvest, my thesis was about relationship between the content of Ascorbic acid, Peroxidase and total Phenolic compounds and incidence of postharvest physiological disorders in 9 local and foreign cultivars of pears. The second objective of my research was determining the relationship between these biochemical characteristic factors of fruit especially Peroxidase activity and resistance to the disease for using as a biochemical marker in breeding program for Fire blight.
    I am highly motivated to up grade my knowledge in Pomology and very interested in continuing my study and research in PhD, but financial aid is my primary concern and i am looking for a full-scholarship across. Are there opportunities to take loans or offset some of the costs by working and studying at the same time? I will pay the scholarship back to the school after completing my graduate study and finding a job so that another student may take my place….
    I would be much thankful if I could have this opportunity to study PhD abroad. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you
    With regards
    Leila Doleh
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  2. Julius Paul says:

    My name is Julius Paul Eyanuku,
    I am part time lecturer with Lagos State University, Lagos – Nigeria. Also i am the Programme Officer of Marketing Department.
    However, i here by apply for Graduate Assistant in your University and i am also interested in running my PHD programme.
    Julius Paul Eyanuku.

  3. Kolawole, A. O. says:

    I’m Kolawole A. O. A Nigerian and A BSc holder in Animal Breeding and Genetics and Almost completing my Masters program in the same field. I’ll like to further my education in the same field in your reputable University. i would appreciate it if you can send me all the requirement for qualification and application. Thanks

  4. Mohammad Muhebbullah Ibne Hoque says:

    This is Mohammad Muhebbullah Ibne Hoque, a Bangladeshi national searching a funding for doing Ph.D. I completed B.Sc.Ag.(Hons.) and M.S. in Horticulture from Bangladesh Agricultural University. Please give me the opportunity. I will be grateful to you if you give information about scholarship and how I will get that.

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  6. Nawal says:

    I am an undergraduate in B.Tech in Biotechnology from Nepal . My special interest is in M.S. by research in bioinformatics. Would you please find the appropriate university/college along with scholarship/graduate assistantship (T.A./ R.A.) for me?

    waiting for your response

  7. Kalab Negash Tesfa says:

    I’m 36 years old an Eritrean guy and I have recieved B.Sc. degree in Animal Science, 1999 and M.Sc. degree in Animal Science , 2003, with area of specialization in animal breeding and genetic from University of Asmara, Eritrea and University of the Free State, South Africa, respectively. I working in the Department of Animal Sciences, University of Asmara, as lecturer in my field of interest since 2003, and I’m also active on the research activities of the department.

    Now I planning to advance my career to the higher level by deepening my theorical and practical knowledge background in the area of Animal breeding and genetics if your estimeed Univeristy grant me the opportunity of reseacher/teaching graduate assistantship to do my M.Sc. or PhD.

    I thanks in advance for your cooperation

  8. A. Nabipour says:

    I have a PhD in Plant Breeding, quantitative genetics. I am interest in Plant Biotechnolog/Developmental Genetics and Bioinformatics. I would appreciate assissting me in finding a scholarship /graduate assistantship for me?

  9. Nawal says:

    I am an undergraduate in B.Tech in Biotechnology from Nepal . My special interest is in M.S. by research in bioinformatics. Would you please find the appropriate university/college along with scholarship/graduate assistantship (T.A./ R.A.) for me?

    waiting for your response

  10. meaza melkamu says:

    My name is Meaza Melkamu. I am an Ethiopian, 28 years old girl. I have graduated from Haromaya University in Horticulture (MSc) in July 2006 and I have a great desire to continue with the same field in your university.

    I am writing to apply for the Master’s Degree or PhD programme in Horticulture. I want to gain a deeper theoretical and practical knowledge in horticulture. I did my research on the effect of pre harvest and post harvest treatment on the shelf life and quality of tomato. My thesis has got publication on journal of applied horticulture and African journal of biotechnology.

    Now I want to focus on a Master programme or PhD (depending on the availability) in your university which offers a broad range of subjects in horticulture. I would like to future continue in post harvest technology of fruit and vegetables since my MSc thesis was largely on the same area. I know that your University has an excellent reputation in this field. I visited the website and found about the course structure and possibilities at your University.
    Thanking you for considering my application and looking forward to your positive reply.

    best regards

  11. Tolera Keno says:

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am writing to request you give me information about the requirements for application of MSc scholarship given to developing countries. I am a 25 years old Ethiopian guy .I had my first degree (BSc) in Plant Science in July 2006 in Ethiopia from Hawassa University. And I have been working in Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR), at Bako National Maize Research Project being as junior plant breeder since February 2007. To strengthen my knowledge, I am looking for MSc degree in any crop improvement courses; preferably in Plant Breeding or Agricultural Biostatistics, so that I can play significant role in maximization of crop production and productivity in my country. As a result, I am politely requesting you send me information and the application form in relation to my field of study to the following address.

    Tolera Keno,
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    Thank you for your consideration,

  12. Gunadhish Chandra Khanal says:

    I am Gunadhish Chandra Khanal an undergraduate in agriculture science with major in ecology from Nepal.I am interested in environmental science and currently looking for research assistantship or scholarship.Would you please assist me finding research assistantship or any scholarship.
    In anticipation of your response.

  13. Sandhya Karki says:

    I am Sandhya Karki from Nepal.I have completed my undergrauate course in agriculture with major in Horticulture from Institute of Agricuture and Animal Science.I am now searching for sponsors.Would you please search research assistantship or funding for me.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

  14. Zabron Cathbert says:

    I am a Tanzanian, graduate from Sokoine University of Agriculture at Morogoro-Tanzania with BSc. Animal Science 9GPA 3.7). I would like to join MSc. in Animal breeding and genetics in 2009/2010 academic year at any university in USA or europe. Currently I am looking for a sponsor.
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    I’m Tanzanian undergraduate in Agricultural General from Sokoine university of Agriculture. My special interest is in the Plant Biotechnolog/Developmental Genetics or Bioinformatics. Would you please find the scholarship/graduate assistantship for me? I am eagerly waiting to hearing from you and i am expecting your co-operation.

  16. Tadeye Abeje says:

    Date 05/15/08
    I have bachelor of degree in Medical Labolatory Technology&now I am doing in Armauer Hamsen Research Institute.So as to my work I want to do MS in Molecular Biology at The University of Vermont USA .Woud you find scholarship/Graduate Research Assistantship for me?
    with best regard

  17. Amrit A. Ghimire says:

    I’m Nepali undergraduate in Agricultural Science with major in Genetics and Plant Breeding from the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science. My special interest is in the Plant Molecular/Developmental Genetics but my interest scope encompasses Plant Genetics, Molecular/Developmental Biology, Gene Regulation, Genetics and Plant Breeding also. Would you please find the scholarship/graduate assistantship for me? I’ll prove that you co-operated the right and deserving student.

  18. Pamoda jayasekera says:

    i.am sri lankan graduate in science, of UNIVERSITY OF RUHUNA SRI LANKA.i have followed enveroment science.terrestial ecoseystem,aquatic ecosystems and ecology as my core coures units, i would like to work under qulified proferssor,giving best of mine to him

  19. chicoy says:

    im a graduate physics in philippines and I would to apply for assistantship. Can you help me find a one

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