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Hellenic Aid Scholarships Programme for Foreign Students from Developing Countries, Greece

Hellenic Aid has adopted, since 2002, the Scholarships Grant Programme, which provides the opportunity to nationals of developing countries to study in academic and technological institutions in Greece. The objective of the programme is the creation of executives, capable to contribute, in the future, to the development of their country of origin.The Greek education system, our cultural heritage, as well as the modern intellectual status of our country can operate as powerful tools to the development of their country.At the same time, via the Scholarships Grant Programme, we create the conditions which will contribute to the assimilation of developmental assistance provided by other Hellenic Aid Service programmes, such as those in infrastructures and in professional training.

Within the framework of Hellenic Development Cooperation and Assistance, Hellenic Aid grants for the academic year 2010—2011, 100 scholarships for studies in Greece to nationals of countries included in the list of the Development Assistance Committee of OECD.

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Scholarships are granted for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Greek Higher Academic and Technological institutions.

Scholarships are not provided for a) undergraduate studies in Theology (scholarships in this sector are granted by the Directorate for Religious and Ecclesiastic Affairs of the MFA) and Fine Arts. (b)postgraduate studies in Medicine. Medical specialties are under the authority of the Ministry of Health.

This Call of Interest is forwarded to the Greek diplomatic and consular authorities in eligible countries.

All interested students should submit a complete candidature file (scholarship application accompanied by the necessary supporting documents) to the above-mentioned Greek authorities in their country of origin. The latter shall forward the whole number of files to Hellenic Aid.

Terms and Duration of scholarship:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs ensures the reservation of places at the Universities for undergraduate studies, as well as at the Greek Language Schools.

Postgraduate candidates must have been admitted in a University Postgraduate Course, before they apply for a scholarship. In the exceptional case that the final decision of their acceptance is pending,

Hellenic Aid has the discretion to accept the candidates as scholars under the condition of their submitting the relevant declaration of acceptance, within a period of two months.

The undergraduate course enrollment takes place the academic year that follows the Greek Language Course (scholars excluded are those that already possess the Certificate of Greek

Language Proficiency). Scholars are entitled to enroll, during September-October, only at the Department they are selected for. They are not entitled to be transferred to another department at a later stage.

Scholarship benefits :

Scholars are entitled to

1. A 600-euros monthly scholarship allowance

2. A 1.000-euros relocation fee, on condition that the scholars were foreign residents at the time of their candidature and a monthly allowance of 650 euros for the first three months

3. Free-of-charge meals in the University and provision of the educational material (books etc.) on a free of charge basis.

4. Exemption from tuition fees in the above-mentioned Greek Language Centers.

5. Exemption from tuition fees in some postgraduate programmes

6. Free medical care in state hospitals.

7. An amount of 1.000 euros, on condition of successful and in time, completion of studies, upon the scholars’ returning to their country of origin.

The scholarship does not cover accommodation expenses. These expenses are covered by scholars themselves.

The first payment of the scholarship allowance takes place approximately one month after the scholarships’ arrival in Greece. The scholars should therefore be able to cope with their initial expenses.

Eligibility Conditions :

Interested applicants should :

1. Be foreign nationals of the countries included in the present call of interest

2. Be not younger than 18 years old before 1.10.2010, since minors of age cannot be granted a residence permit.

3. Hold a lyceum graduation certificate or an equivalent certificate of a secondary education institution and have the right to enroll to higher academic or technological institutions in the country of issuance of the certificate Hellenic Aid- 4th Directorate 4

4. With regard to postgraduate/doctoral studies, applicants should have been accepted in the relative programme of a Greek University before they apply for the scholarship

Scholarships are not granted

– to Greek civil servants or persons related to civil servants of Greece.

– to persons having the Greek nationality or are in the process of getting the Greek nationality.

Supporting documents :

Eligible candidates should submit until the deadline date and via the Greek Diplomatic Authorities in their country of residence, a complete file of candidature. The application (relative form is available at the Greek diplomatic authorities) should be completed and signed by the candidates.

The latter must indicate up to three departments of the same field, which they wish to attend or the postgraduate programme and the University in which they are accepted.

The deadline for submitting applications to the Greek authorities abroad is July 30, 2010.

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