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Degree in Hospital Management

Today, from the viewpoint of career, there is another major course available for students who want to pursue their career in hospital administration and it is “Hospital Management”.  It looks strange to hear because there is always a need for doctors and nurses in Hospitals, then from where the need arises for management?  The answer to this is when any new technique is being made available to a growing population; in the absence of management they cannot access their data.

Importance Of Hospital Management Course 

The hospital management is responsible for any hospital’s success and its day-to-day functioning.  Hospital administrator is appointed for this work.  This person decides the work of the staff and appointment of staff is also being done by him.  Not only this, it is his responsibility to look after the budge of the hospital and availability of medical facility in the same proportion.  During the hospital management course, detailed information is given to all types of vocabulary related to medical science and human body structure.  Information has also been given about, different types of apparatus used in the process of surgery.

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History Of Hospital Management Course 

In the year 1966, all India Medical Institute, New Delhi, introduced a Post Graduate course in hospital administration.  Looking at the importance of this course, Weaponed Force Medical College-Pune, Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences-Hyderabad, Kasturba Gandhi Medical College-Manipur and Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Higher Medical Sciences introduced a 3 years’ Post Graduation course in Hospital Administration.  Above mentioned all medical colleges give admission only to Medical Graduates (MBBS).

Some private institutions also felt the need of the trained staff in small and big hospitals for Hospital Management and have introduced “Health Care Management Course”.  Other institute like the Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai, Apollo Group, Hinduja and Manipal Institute of Higher Education, Mangalore also offers Hospital Management Courses for Medical Graduates and Non-Medical Graduates.  These courses are recognized by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE).  Ahilaya Devi Institution, Indore also introduced a training course in Hospital Management.  Candidates who have cleared 10+2 successfully can take admission in this 5 year course degree.

Reasons Why Students Opt These Reputed Universities

There has been increasing demand in the field of hospital management these days, as it is known to provide the best facilities and care to the patients in the hospital. More emphasis is provided on the healthcare facilities and it is a lucrative career option that provides jobs in hospitals and pharmaceutical field. Training is provided to students in management skills, business communication, accounting, logistics management and marketing of services in the hospitals.

Opportunities For Students

Students can start their career as

-Hospital administrator
-Assistant Manager in Non-Medical Department
-Government Organizations
-Mental Health Organizations
-Nursing Homes
-Rehabilitation Canters
-Medical Software Companies
-Hospital Consulting Firms

Top Universities Offering Degree In Hospital Management 

Cornell University School of Hotel Administration

It is the No.1 ranked school in the world awarded by the journal of hospitality and tourism research.  They offer academic programs in various fields that include Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration, Master of Management in Hospitality and MS and PhD Degrees in Hotel Administration

Michigan State University, School Of Hospitality Business

This school is specialized in the hospitality business, real estate and development.  The student is required to complete 400 hours each in both level 1 and 2 internships. They offer 4 graduate programs like The Michael L. Minor Master of Science in Foodservice Business Management , The Master of Science degree in Hospitality Business ManagementSecondary Concentration in Hospitality Business in the Master of Business Administration Degree Program and The Graduate Specialization in Hospitality Business.

University of Nevada at Las Vegas, William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration

-The University offers degree programs under two specializations that are hospitality management and hotel administration. Some of the courses in Hospitality Management include Management, Bachelor, Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management and Concentration in Meetings and Events. The courses it offers in Hotel Administration include Dual Degree: Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Hotel Administration, Dual Degree: Master of Science in Hotel Administration and Master of Science in Management Information Systems.

Farleigh Dickinson University, International School of Hospitality And Tourism Management

Majors and Academic Programs offered by this university are

Johns Hopkins University

It is an excellent university that provides, campus-based MHA program, and that will give you a comprehensive and rigorous school experience to build up a great career. Different skills can be learned from this university like applied, analytical and conceptual that are useful to gain great heights in health firms, hospitals and health care related organisations. The main requirement for a master’s program is a strong undergraduate record and good scores in English proficiency test.

Harvard University

The University is committed to training and inspiring the young generation to health careers. The academic programs focus on developing the problem solving skills and critical thinking that are required to face the challenges in the health care sector. The other related programs the university provides include Master of Public Health, PhD program in Health Policy and Program in Clinical Effectiveness.

Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland

Entrenched in the Swiss sense of hospitality Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne has been one of the pioneers of education that has inspired the world of hospitality and created a unique professional community executives who contribute to the same values based on EHL’s unique tradition. Ambitious and talented students are provided admissions in this university.

The International Hotel School South Africa

The International Hotel School, in Cape Town, South Africa, educate the students with basic skills of hospitality operations as well as management skills that are necessary in this vibrant and budding field. Graduates on completion of the program are awarded for their hard work. The course consists of 50% of academic study and 50% of practical training which is required in hospital organization.

-Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, Australia 

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, BMIHMS, is one of Australia’s leading hotel schools for hospitality education. The graduates here can choose to study for the undergraduate business degree in International Resort and Hotel Management. They can even apply for postgraduate studies in this college.

Boston University – School of Hospitality Administration

The Boston University aims to provide for your entrepreneurial spirit, take care of your dreams, and teach the students critical, hands-on skills and avail an experience in working in hotel resorts. The strength of the curriculum is so good that it helps to make the dream of the graduates a reality. The board members and the staff in this University are excellent and provide immense support.


Few scholarships are:
Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, Australia Scholarship
Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland- scholarships
Boston University – School of Hospitality Administration Scholarship
University of Nevada at Las Vegas, William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration scholarship
Harvard University scholarship
Michigan State University, School Of Hospitality Business scholarship

Scholarships are offered in this healthcare program to graduates who want to accomplish a successful career in hospital management. The scholarship is provided based on the merit and the qualities of a student. It is necessary to submit a letter with reference of a teacher to apply for the funds.