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How to Get Rich While Studying Abroad?

How to Get Rich While Studying Abroad?

If you have embarked on the experience of a lifetime studying for your degree abroad. It might not be long until you realise that your funds are not going to last for long, or perhaps your lack of funds is stopping you from truly enjoying the experience. Fear not.

This article gives you 10 ideas on how to make money on the side as you study. Don’t allow a lack of money get in the way of you having the best experience possible. And you never know – you may even end up getting rich along the way!

Here is a round-up of the top 10 get-rich-quick ideas for students:

Work for the Student Union

Many university student unions recruit students for work during their years of studies – and many will keep you on after graduation if you have proved yourself during this time. From flyering to bartending, working in the marketing department, to help other students find work through the recruitment service, the student’s union offers a range of opportunities for valuable work experience that will also look good on your CV after graduation!

Make Money through Social Media

Do you love taking photos? Do you spend hours on social media sites? If so, why not put this skill and time to good use and become a social media influencer. If you build up enough followers, companies will pay you to advertise their products on your page. It also means that you get a lot of freebies to enjoy, but it will take a lot of dedication to build up enough followers.

Accounts with up to 1 million followers can be paid as much as $10,000 per post. For this to happen, companies will need to see that you have a considerable influence on your followers. Try to pick a specific niche which doesn’t have a large number of ‘influencers’ yet and spend time interacting with users with a specific interest in this niche.

Start Your Own E-Commerce Business

Many e-commerce platforms exist on the web these days; make it easy for you to set up your own e-commerce business. Think about products that you can market easily to a specific audience – you might even want to target university students so that you can sell your e-commerce products and market your site to your friends and fellow students! While these platforms will take a fee from profits, it is still an effective way to make additional money as a student.

How to Get Rich While Studying Abroad

Become a Photographer or Videographer

There is a lot of money in taking professional videos and photos for personal and corporate events. If you love photography or you enjoy making videos, and you have the right equipment, why not do what you love to earn some extra pennies! Whether you want to do a wedding, portrait or even pet photography (!), there is a vast range of options available. Many freelancer websites will also advertise photographer work.

Buy Property

For this one, you are going to need savings, parents or contacts with funds that they are willing to invest in property, but it is a lucrative option for all parties involved. Buying property in a student city is a great option, depending on the location. There are generally cheap housing options to purchase in student cities, and you are never going to run out of tenants, as long as you ensure the property is maintained well.

Laws around the purchase of houses in different countries will depend on your home country and the country you wish to purchase a property in. So, although it is a great money-making option, it is worth doing your research before pursuing this idea.

Complete Online Surveys

It might sound crazy, but making money from completing online surveys is a real thing! To save money, companies are using online surveys instead of paying people to attend market research forums in person. Sign up to an online survey provider, fill out your information, and you will regularly be sent surveys that meet your age, gender and location.

Simply complete the survey and submit to receive your fee. While the fee per survey is low, each one only takes a few minutes to complete. So, if you have some extra time and are willing to devote it to completing surveys then this is an effortless way for you to make some money!

Do Freelance Work

Let’s be honest; many students have a lot of spare time in the week. Yes, you have some lectures to attend. Yes, you have some readings and essays to complete. And yes, catching your favourite daytime show is essential. However, why not use some of that free time to make some side money through freelance projects?

The best thing about working freelance is that you can pick and choose the work you want to do and how much time you want to spend working in a week. You can also choose tasks that suit your skill set and give you valuable experience in fields of work in which you wish to develop your expertise.

How to Get Rich While Studying Abroad

Become a Virtual Assistant

Rather than trying to find part-time work in person, why not look for virtual part-time work? Many companies and individuals running businesses are keen to keep admin costs low and now choose to employ virtual assistants instead of real-life admin staff. If you have a basic knowledge of Microsoft programs and can perform simple admin tasks, then make some extra cash while studying.

Start a Web Design Company

There is currently a considerable amount of money in technology related work. With a large number of the population still lacking the technical skills required to use various platforms, those with the relevant skills are able to charge quite high for their work.

Many new companies need to source web design professionals to build their first website, or even to refresh an old, outdated site. If you have the skills of web design, why not put them to the test and build and market your own site to advertise your web design services.


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