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How To Get Scholarship In M.Pharm In Canada Or Australia?

Graduates intending to become pharmacists may consider joining Master of Pharmacy program. The program is a fast-track course and will equip them with required clinical skills, apart from making them eligible for the registration process essential for their career as pharmacists.

Career Opportunities

After obtaining this pharmacy degree, a person can join hospitals as a registered Pharmacist. Similar opportunities in medical stores and clinics would also be open to the pharmacy graduate. The person could start or run pharmaceutical shop. Job opportunities for pharmacy technicians are also available to such graduates in the laboratories and pharmacies.

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Industries also use pharmacists for different purposes such as in quality control department, medical information record maintenance, and marketing. Socially, pharmacists can be a great help to the community with their knowledge. There is a lot of potential for the pharmacy program to offer new jobs in the future.

Why Students Should Study M. Pharm (Master Of Pharmacy) From Canada

Canadian education system is one of the best in the world. Canada ranks second amongst the G-8 nations for spending a higher percentage out of its GDP towards education.  The M.Pharm degree from Canadian University will not only equip the student with a medical field related skills, but in management skills also. Effectively, the student would have a career orientation.

Canada has high standards for academic education. Its degrees, certificates, and diplomas are recognized across the world and rank on part with those from any universities in Commonwealth nations or the United States.

Institutions in Canada also help their graduates in finding suitable employment after completing their education. Referrals given by staff from these universities can help the graduate find job within Canada or any other country.

Some Top Universities Offering M.Pharm Program In Canada

Memorial University
Under Memorial University, the Memorial School of Pharmacy is providing a cutting-edge MSc (Pharm) course. The program is full-time, mostly research-based and its duration is of 2 years. The program includes several course modules and a thesis. February 28 is the deadline for the next fall admission.

The University of British Columbia
UBC offers Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences MSc (Pharma) which is an on campus program and it also requires coursework and thesis. Applications are invited for both the domestic and international students for which the deadline is February 15th, 2015.

Dalhousie University
MSc (Pharmaceutical Science) is a course offered by the Dalhousie University, which also requires research based study. Every student is required to complete his own research which is later published in the reputable science journals. For more details, please visit the website.

University of Waterloo
The University of Waterloo offers M.Sc in Pharmacy course for preparing the students to build up their career in the pharmaceutical industry. The duration of the course is 2 years and it requires the students to achieve three milestones of Academic Integrity, Graduate Seminar and M. Sc. Thesis.

Universite de Montreal
Faculty of Pharmacy under the University of Montreal offers Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences with the aim to motivate and train the students to pursue research studies in the field. The program also includes courses and research work.

Scholarships In Canada

Students intending to join M.Pharm program can check for eligibility of following scholarships.

Canadian Graduate Scholarship
Relevant details are available in their harmonization page. The selection of student and subsequent administration of awards is done at university level. There are two granting agencies that guide such selection and grants. CIHR also plays a role in selection and administration of these awards. CIHR, SSHRC, and NSERC, the three federal councils in the country for such processes, are now working in harmonized way to award these grants.

These are restricted to health care related studies. The last date for applying for these scholarships is December 1st 2014.

Mackenzie King Memorial Scholarships
This is an open scholarship. Students intending to do their graduation anywhere in Canada would be eligible for this scholarship. However, each year only 1 open scholarship is granted under this category. The student would be eligible for an annual amount ranging from $9000 to $11000 under this scholarship.

There are no restrictions on discipline the student selects.

However, there is traveling scholarship options as well under this category. Students who want to pursue their graduation in the US or the UK would be entitled to this if they intend to study industrial relations, or International relations including relevant history, economics, politics, and law.

As of now, this scholarship may remain open till February 2015.

SSHRC Graduate Scholarships
These scholarships are for outstanding students. They are given for post-graduation or doctorate studies in any Canadian university. However, there is a restriction on discipline. Students should be studying either humanities or social sciences.  Annual financial help under the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) scholarships may vary between $17,500 and $35,000.  Last date to apply for this scholarship is in December 2014.

The Vanier CGS Scholarships Program
This Canada Graduate scholarship is for Canadian Citizens, as well as people permanently residing in Canada. Foreign students who want to do a doctorate from some of the Canadian Universities would also be eligible for this financial assistance.

Students would be eligible for $50,000 each year for a maximum period of three years. Last date for applying for this scholarship is November 5 for year 2014-15. However, there has to be a nomination from the University, and direct applications are not considered.

Delta Kappa Gamma World Fellowship   
This financial support is from DKG society International, which offers scholarships to women from foreign nations for pursuing any graduation course, in any universities in the United States or Canada. Full-time female students of any Masters, as well as Doctoral studies, are eligible for it. Citizens or immigrants are not eligible for such grants. The amount of help is $4000.

Why Students Should Opt For M. Pharm (Master Of Pharmacy) From Australia

Australian universities offer International students a chance to get qualifications that are recognized across the world.  The exposure students get at such universities and the skill sets they are equipped with give them an edge over others. Universities offer a friendly atmosphere and impart knowledge at very competitive cost.

Pharmacy forms an integral part of healthcare. Australian Pharmacy programs are designed to integrate knowledge gained from previous studies done by undergraduates during the course.

To join M.Pharma course in any Australian university, a person must be a graduate in science, biomedical science, and similar disciplines that focus on medicines and health care. Students can choose between community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, and pharmacy in the pharmaceutical industry.

Some Top Universities Offering M. Pharm Programs In Australia

The University of Sydney
The University of Sydney offers Master of Pharmacy program to students who wish to make their career in the profession of pharmacy. This 2 years full-time program is both available for domestic and international students. Check the college website for admission requirements.

Curtin University
Curtin University is offering Master of Clinical Pharmacy for the students who have acquired the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree. This course is focused on enhancing the clinical capabilities. International students are required to pass an English test offered by International English Language Testing System.

The University of Queensland
For both Australian and International students The University of Queensland provide a knowledge-based Master of Clinical Pharmacy program. Its duration is of 1.5 years full-time and it gives full exposure to the pharmacists to develop clinical strategies and practices. The best part of this program is that the international students can study this program online in a structured format. For more details, please visit the website.

Griffith University
Master of Pharmacy is the course offered by Griffith University, which is an 18-month full-time program. It imparts knowledge for developing the clinical skills by placing the students in the hospital or community pharmacies.

University of Canberra
For catering to the needs of pharmacy students, The University of Canberra provides Master of Pharmacy course. The course includes the clinical placement period of 1000 hours in the pharmacies. The course is available for both Australian and international students and new admissions are taking place for Semester 1, 2014. Please visit the website for more details.

Scholarships In Australia

International students may apply for any of the following postgraduate scholarships

MRIWA (Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia) Scholarships
The scholarship offered by this institute is oriented towards research work on minerals. In all, the institute offers 8 scholarships each year which can only be utilized for studying in Australian universities located in Western Australia.

AusAID or Australian Government Scholarship
This is same as the Australian Development scholarships, i.e., ADS and is better known as AAS Scholarship.  In order to be eligible, student must prove that he or she belongs to any developing country. The scholarship is intended to equip the student with knowledge and skill which they can use to foster development back home.

A scholarship is a financial assistance for a minimum period the person would take for completing the academic studies as stipulated by higher education body in Australia. For this purpose, period of preparatory training is also included.  The award would, therefore, cover entire amount of tuition fees and economy class single return airfare covering both to and fro airfare on the direct route. In addition, the student would be given $5,000. This will be paid only once and would be for accommodation, study materials, textbooks, etc.

2014 – The Regeneration Center Scholarship
This is offered to both graduates and undergraduates apart from students pursuing postgraduate research and coursework. People from specific Southeast Asia are eligible for this award, in addition to other International students, New Zealand and Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and those who’ve come to Australia on Permanent Humanitarian visas.  Those who have enrolled or intend to enroll in any of the accredited university or colleges in Australia for academic year 2015 are eligible for this scholarship. There is no restriction in discipline.

These one-time annual grants are for students pursuing their studies in science, healthcare, mathematics, and biology in Australian universities. Both present and prospective students can apply for this scholarship. It is also available for faculties in health sciences, humanities, and science. There are no gender restrictions.  The scholarship is need-based, i.e., it is not necessary that a person should have excellent academic record.  However, there is an essay contest. The winner is given $1,500 equivalent to 1200 Euros.

Zonta Advancement Grant
This is for women students who are studying as well as those who will be studying in Australian universities. The Zonta Grant is available for postgraduate coursework as well as for undergraduate studies. The person needs to have citizenship of Australia or New Zealand, or permanent resident in these countries. Even International students are eligible. This award is given to alleviate financial hardship in pursuing studies. As of the date, the amount given under this grant is $1,000. Eligible candidates may apply before October 9th, 2014. Financial needs and other personal situations of the women will be assessed for this grant. In addition, whether the goals of the student are attainable will also be checked. If there is any past record demonstrating assiduity and commitment on the part of the student, it will help too. People belonging to refugee communities, or other migrants into the country would be given preference.

USA to Australia Fellowship 2014
This is essentially for Americans who intend to study in Australia. The maximum amount given under this grant is $40,000. It is for meritorious students. People with certain disadvantages, such as mature age, disability, and those from remote regions would be eligible for this scholarship. The last date to apply for this scholarship is 15th October, 2014.

Studying Masters Courses in Pharmacy from Canada and Australia would be surely boosting your career in the pharmaceutical field. Moreover, with the help of so many scholarships available for international students taking admission and pursuing studies in these world class universities would not be a tough task.