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How US and UK Universities Develop a Sense of Personal Freedom in Foreign Students from Eastern Europe

The rule of law in most US and UK universities tend to be sanguine in terms of freedom of choice on where to go, when to go or what to do. This freedom is at a certain level absent in most universities from Eastern Europe because students are required to be responsible and not indulge in anything they desire.
When students from the rest of Europe join universities in the US and UK, they come with their laws and culture in mind and can influence their host. The sense of personal freedom helps put a balance so that the foreign students can embrace the local culture and laws more and less of their culture and laws.
Institution is a key factor that allows the foreign students to get a sense of personal freedom in an environment where they will have to pay attention to the host country’s laws and norms. The new situation is that students from Eastern Europe pay a premium for these universities because they are more affordable for them.  However, the increasing difference between the education levels of the students from Europe and the students from the rest of the world would help reduce the premium.  The premium for Eastern Europe has been shrinking and likely to vanish altogether in the near future.
If we consider the best university of the world rankings, based on various criteria and not on quality of faculty alone, then Cambridge University and Oxford University can be said to be the best universities. But because they attract the best students from all over the world, they tend to attract the least freedom of choice from the students. In order to get access to the best universities, students from Europe or other parts of the world have to sacrifice their freedom.
There is another university, University of Oxford, whose students come with their cultures and traditions. The authorities also encourage the freedom of choice of the students. However, most of the University’s faculty hold a very strong view that western students are more open minded and may not allow the students to study in the certain areas that they do not like. It is a case of privilege because the western student is usually able to do a back seat in his choice of degree and of course the school also does not charge as much as the other foreign schools.
Dealing with the US Immigration Laws can also be a key to finding out the availability of these schools. In most cases, Eastern European students find it difficult to obtain a visa and must travel to the US in order to get a visa. The student needs to visit the embassy and get it, and then get it approved. Once a visa is granted, the student can travel to the US. Even though the process is a bit frustrating, the situation can be managed to a certain degree.

The organizational structures in the US and UK universities

The US and UK universities operate under their nation’s department of education in terms of curriculum development, but each institution is governed by its own rules. The models of rules in the universities are multidimensional and explain the activities of the institution and conduct or behavior within the institution.
Despite the rules, students are given the freedom to obey the law without having someone policing over them. The formation of governing boards with representatives from the student body, teachers, and directors helps with taking care of the interests of each body. If anybody is aggrieved, they raise their concerns through their representatives, and the matter is sorted out, but the board of directors might have the final word.
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Personal freedom

Personal freedom in the university covers the freedom of equality, opinion, expression, going out and coming in, and consciousness about others. The student is free to study, research, and pursue knowledge without being interfered with in terms of law, pressure, or the institution of learning.
The local students might have a better understanding of what personal freedom means to a student, but the international students might have a different interpretation. A misconception of the law and freedom might lead a student to live unproductive life while in college or even get into trouble with the state law. Although the student has every right to go out or come in, study or not study, they are obligated to exercise those rights within limits.
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The role of academic freedom

Generally, academic freedom gives various protections that help promote a healthy learning environment. This protection covers every student despite their nationality. Freedom gives students the right to discuss ideas with academics without fear that they will be censored or retaliated.
The freedom also protects professors from exercising their right to stick to their educational philosophy and their conviction on intellectual issues. Under the same freedom, lecturers and students can compare and contrast lessons taught against human knowledge and historical time frame.
More importantly, the freedom gives students the right of expression verbally, in text, or electronically while inside or away from campus. Students are free to do their personal research on subjects taught and make their conclusions based on their findings.
Academic freedom helps foreign students view the campuses as places of liberty and sometimes they go overboard when exercising these freedoms and rights. These can be exercised by anyone called a student irrespective of their nationality and although they don’t limit students on the extent of expression, students are required to rightly judge and know where the limits end.
For example, if a student researches and feels the curriculum should be teaching something different, it doesn’t mean that the department of education will change the curriculum. The student will have a right to their own opinion but not a right to change the curriculum.

The local culture

International students can influence the local students culturally because foreign culture might look better. The US and UK protect their national values and culture even in the universities.
One of the ways to protect local culture is to liberalize freedom in the universities so that when foreign students find a free culture, they will embrace it as good culture and flow in it. When the students go back to their countries across Eastern Europe, they carry with them the new culture and this helps attract more international students to the US and UK universities because their international alumni become their Ambassadors.
When culture is intertwined with law, they become the same thing in the process of time and the subjects might even realize they are practicing culture within the law.
Many years of challenges in the institutions of learning have helped the universities in the US and UK formulate better rules and relaxed freedoms for students. International students find a vibrant learning environment where they are free to speak, socialize, move around and choose their way of life. These freedoms have helped safeguard the cultures of the two nations, although a student who fails to put a limit in their freedom faces the force of law.