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Human Resource Management Universities

Human resource management is an essential function both in public and private sector, designed to maximize the performance of the employees in achieving employer‡s strategic objectives. The HRM department of a company can be its ace in the hole, if utilized strategically. The HRM managers are the human resource multipliers of the company. A company cannot build a good workforce without good human resource management. The function of HRM is to focus on company‡s greatest resource and assets – its employee. To lead the team of employee and to become a human resource management professional you need to have the skill set and talent which can only be achieved by studying at top B-Schools of the world.

Why Study HR Management Courses?

Human Resource Management Courses can be very valuable investment for you in future and the right learning experience returns value in a way that truly go beyond the monetary. The education you receive empowers you with skills, knowledge and long term vision that lead to innovation and growth.

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Human resource management department oversees a wide variety of functions within the company, which include recruitment, training, monitoring certain company‡s policies, retaining employees and even handling certain disputes. The HRM managers are liable to keep the employees of the organization updated on certain laws, like discrimination and safety. So, it is very essential for the mangers to have the right skills to manage the employees and resolve the disputes and conflicts efficiently. Without HRM managers the normal functionalities of organizations would get hampered and hence it is essential that the degree must be obtained from the top most universities in the world. A proper HRM degree from a reputed university would allow the candidate to have a better idea on proper employment, placements, administration, labor relations as well as employee training.

Importance of HRM Professionally

A trained and skilled HRM professional is much more than an administrator, the failure and success of an organization greatly depends on HRM professionals. They are the prime pillar of the organization and they are liable for organization‡s greatest asset – its employees. So, it is important for the HRM professionals to undergo practical HRM programs to equip themselves with skills required to lead. The HRM courses equip you with tools and skills required to move your career ahead, whether you are presently working in HRM department of a company or planning a career change in future.

The HRM courses will enable you to explore the essentials of effective human resource management via different specialized programs, including training, behavior, development, labor relations, performance management, strategic management and much more. It will assist you to explore the real world experience though different course materials.

Career Opportunities in Human Resource Management

In Human Resource Management profession you may have a career that offers exceptional remuneration, good working conditions, rewarding work and satisfying career growth opportunities. Every medium or large organization needs a fully functional HRD/HRM/Personnel department which is managed by a team of highly qualified and talented HR professionals. With a degree in HRM you can be a part of such HR team to lead. Public sector organizations usually recruited Management or Executive Trainees in different management fields at entry level so that they can groom themselves into professional managers after few years. However, the Public sector organizations have great career opportunities and scope for HR professionals with HRM degree.

Top Universities for Human Resource Management

University of Michigan (Ross School of Business)

Considered to be one of the best B-Schools in the world, this university focuses on an action based learning which has turned out to be their USP among their competitors. Students are given real life situations that prevail in an organization and are given an opportunity to figure out the most appropriate solution to meet the crisis. You not only experience some of the best and top-ranked management programs in the world, but also you get the opportunity to become the part of University of Michigan, the most respected and prolific research institutions in the country.

Ranking – It is ranked at 23rd position in QS World University Ranking 2014-15 and 17th position in Times World University Ranking 2014-15.

Scholarships: The University has provisions for programmes to students who want to pursue full time HRM courses from the university. However, it depends on the academic performances and the achievements of the students. Special considerations are made for those who are in need of financial aids.

University of Southern California (Marshall School of Business)

USC Marshall School of Business is reckoned to be one of the best business schools in the world as the students are given an opportunity to learn with practical exposure in real organizations while they are studying. Emphasizing on innovation and entrepreneurship, social responsibility, collaborative research, USC Marshall School of Business is globally acclaimed for addressing the challenges of the rapidly changing business environment. The HRM courses offered here allow students to better understand the core workings of global marketplace. Some of the best students also work with the advisors and understand the smooth transition from a student to a working professional at ease.

Ranking: The University is ranked at 131st position in QS World University Ranking 2014-15 and holds the 75th rank at Time World University Ranking 2014-15.

Scholarships:  The merit-based awards offered by the university ranges from few thousand dollars to full tuition fees, depending upon the merit and eligibility of the candidate as well as his/her talent and leadership quality.

Stanford University Business School of Graduate

Stanford University Business School of Graduate is another leading business school of the nation with best in class HRM course curriculum. The HRM programs at Stanford University Business School of Graduate not only enable the students to keep pace with the rapidly changing marketplace and business environment, but also allow them to drive it efficiently. The course curriculum includes global academic trips, case studies, role playing through simulations and so on. The students are also allowed to draw on resources from all schools of Stanford University. The courses are tailored as per the requirement of each student and hence this university is considered to be the best in the world.

Ranking: The University holds the 7th position in QS World University Ranking 2014-15 and 4th position in Times World University Ranking 2014-15.

Scholarships:  Financing the HRM course is the most primary concern a prospective student must consider before entering a business school. However, all HRM students, irrespective of citizenship, are eligible for financial aid at Stanford University Business School of Graduate. There are both need-based and non-need-based awards available that students may apply for.

Imperial College London Business School

The Imperial College Business School functions similarly as Imperial College London when it comes to impart education. The HRM students are given an opportunity to work with students belonging to other specializations which give them an exposure to work in a team to complete the projects. This helps the students to acquire knowledge and skills to face the current global challenges. The exceptional curriculum of the college also helps them to get an idea and experience to work on absolute professional ambiences.

Ranking: Imperial College London holds the 2nd rank at QS World University Ranking 2014-15 and 9th position in Times World University Ranking 2014-15.

Scholarships: With a hope to attract the best brains from across the world, Imperial College London offers a wide variety of scholarships and financial aids to help fund the HRM courses at the university.

University of Glasgow

Nation‡s leading institution, University of Glasgow is globally acclaimed for providing the students a rock solid foundation on the general business principles, as well as their specializations like Management with Human Resource. The course curriculum is exceptionally designed by some of the expert business professionals. It aims to impart detailed understanding about modern business principles contextual conditions and techniques, while paying close attention to human resource management. For students, it is truly a stimulating and engaging learning experience at University of Glasgow, owing to the students coming together from vibrant community and supportive staff.

Ranking: University of Glasgow holds the 55th position in QS World University Ranking 2014-15 and 94th position in Times World University Ranking 2014-15.

Scholarships: With a commitment to support all international students to pursue HRM courses within the university, the University of Glasgow offers variety of financial aids and scholarships to fund the courses. However, students are requested to search individually for the opportunity s for which they can apply.

The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Business School 

The Melbourne Business School is the leading business school of Australia that is popular amongst the business students for its rigorous and exceptional course curriculum. The Master of Management (Human Resource) offered at this university covers all the gamut of management activities which are specifically required to become successful leader and manager in the competitive marketplace. The program is suitable for business students who desire to add HRM into the portfolio.

Ranking – The University holds the position of 33rd both at QS World University Ranking and Times World University Ranking 2014-15.

Scholarships – University of Melbourne, Melbourne Business School offers a wide variety of scholarships to its students to fund their education. There are merit-based awards available both for international and national students.

Seoul National University, College of Business Administration

Korean‡s best business school, CBA is globally acclaimed for having world class faculty with rich experience and degrees from some of the renowned business schools of the world. Apart from faculty members, the research and degree in Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior earns international recognition. The students at CBA get the opportunity to experience and participate in Korean management as a part of the course. The students at CBA not only share the classroom with their peers, but also share their passion for challenges.

Ranking – The University holds the 31st position in QS World University Ranking 2014-15 and 50th position in Times World University Ranking 2014-15.

Scholarships – Graduate applicants who want to fund their education at this university can apply for a wide variety of scholarships offered by the university. There are different types of scholarships offered by the university to international students.

Nanjing University Business School

Nanjing University was established in 1902 and it is oldest and most prestigious university of China for offering world class education and learning experience to students. The department of Human Resource Management was started later in the year 2007 with only 4 professors and 2 associate professors. Today, the department of HRM is globally acknowledge for offering first-class course curriculum of business administration and hence it becomes the integral part of national key discipline of enterprise management. The department offers bachelor program in HRM as well as doctoral program in HRM and enterprise management.

Ranking – The University holds the position of 162nd in QS World University Ranking 2014-15 and 251-275 rank in Times World University Ranking 2014-15.

Scholarships – There are government awards offered to international and national students to pursue higher education at Nanjing University Business School, such as Nanjing government award. There are other programmes available that international students may apply for.