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IFPTI Fellowship in Food Protection for International Applicants in USA, 2018

The International Food Protection Training Institute is proud to offer a fellowship in food protection for both US and international applicants. The fellowship is a unique, year-long program for food protection professionals.

The aim of the fellowship is to produce networking one-on-one with federal, state, and local food protection current and future leaders.



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The International Food Protection Training Institute is an initiative of the Global Food Protection Institute, a nonprofit organization driving the adoption of food protection policies and practices for a safer global food supply. Its mission is to improve public health and reduce mortality, morbidity, and economic costs associated with foodborne illnesses.

Course Level: The fellowship is a unique, year-long program for food protection professionals

Study Subject:  The fellowship is awarded in the field of food protection.

Award: The fellowship will cover the followings:

  • The Fellowship Program is offered at no cost for selected U.S. participants. U.S. Fellows are reimbursed for all appropriate program travel expenses according to IFPRI’s travel policy.
  • Fellows receive 16.6 IACET CEUs upon completion of the program.

Number of Awards: Number of fellowships is not given.

The award can be taken in the USA

Eligibility: Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Eligibility (U.S.):

  • Current criteria for the Fellowship program precludes participation by anyone not employed with a U.S. human or animal food/feed regulatory agency (local, state, federal, tribal or territorial) or a government laboratory (supporting regulatory food programs). However, all applicant contact information is maintained on file should in the future the Fellowship program expand to include participation by non-regulatory personnel.

International Eligibility

  • Applications are welcome from regulators or laboratorians employed by non-U.S. human or animal food/feed regulatory agencies or government laboratories supporting food regulatory programs. The non-U.S. food regulator or laboratorian who desires to be considered for the Fellowship program must personally contact IFPTI for an in-depth discussion of his or her agency’s responsibilities for full tuition payment and all travel expenses.
  • All non-U.S. applicants must have English proficiency of International English Language Testing System (IELTS) of a minimum of band 7 (Good user). The non-U.S. applicant is required to follow the application and selection process. If selected for the Fellowship program, written confirmation of intent to participate in the program must be received within two weeks of notification of selection.

Nationality: Applicants of all nationalities are eligible for the fellowship.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirement: Applicants must be food protection professionals.

English Language Requirement: All non-U.S. applicants must have English proficiency of International English Language Testing System (IELTS) of a minimum of band 7 (Good user).

International Scholarship

How to Apply: Applicants can apply via online mode.

  • Resume
  • Three letters of reference related to the food regulatory profession
  • Agency or Supervisor letter of support to participate
  • Written explanation of long-term food protection goals
  • Applicant’s letter of commitment to complete the year-long program
  • One page, original composition, with sources, of applicant’s perception of the Integrated Food Safety System (IFSS).
  • Written proof of IELTS score (applies only to non-U.S. regulators or laboratorians)

Online application

Application Deadline: The application deadline is April 25, 2018.

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