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Importance of English Language

It won’t be wrong to say that we are living in a global village today. Communication is no longer limited to within your community/neighborhood/country. English has emerged as a universal language of communication around the globe, so it’s essential to learn the language.

However, English is a foreign language or a second language for people, who are citizens of non-English speaking countries. But everyone understands and agrees that learning English is must these days.

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English can be distinguished in two categories: one that’s spoken in the United Kingdom and other in America. Though, the language is same yet the main difference lies in the different word arrangement, pronunciations, dialects etc. in both countries. Whether you follow the American version or the UK version, escaping or ignoring English language’s presence or importance in day to day life or business, isn’t possible.

How English Helps People:

Helps in Interacting with People When You Travel

When travelling to a foreign land, knowledge of English language can be used as an effective tool of establishing communication between you and the natives of the land because more and more people are traveling to foreign countries for enjoying a holiday or to hunt for a job or for business. Whatever’s your motive behind travelling, rest assured English will help you, even if English is not a first language of that particular country, chances of finding someone, who speaks/understands Basic English are more in today’s globalised world.


These days large numbers of students are pursuing their dream of higher education in the best possible schools/colleges/universities from around the globe. It’s important for a student to at least have good command over English language. As per international educational rules, potential candidates have to pass English language test to prove they’d be able to understand and communicate with teachers, peers and locals.


Emergence of new types of technology every single day has made it possible to convert language on your personal computer. However, English is still the most common language used to convey and share information on the World Wide Web. Why, because English is universal language and makes it easier for you to navigate your way around the internet. Also, most computer software programs are developed in English so if you don’t know the language you cannot use them properly or gain more knowledge about them.   

Business Language

English is a boon for business houses around the globe. No one can know or understand every single language. English acts as common thread of communication. Lack of effective communication would only hamper the growth of your business in the world market.

Helps in Professional Growth

English plays vital role in helping people take their profession to new heights. A person who’s fluent in English language can pursue a job abroad without hesitation as compared to someone who knows only Basic English along with his/her native language.  

Some Other Benefits of Learning English:

  1. Fluency in English language can increase your self-confidence and improves your over all image.
  2. As per scientific research learning a new language results in increased memory capacities and prevents deterioration of mind as the time passes.
  3. English allows you to widen your views of the world and various cultures and traditions etc.

Lastly, good command over English language could be a bonus for your professional career as affording a translator is not feasible option for everyone. You can master English language with the help of a good teacher and by practicing it till you become fluent.

Best of Luck!

Priyanka Sharma