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Indo-Dutch Collaborative Projects on Life Sciences & Health

The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and the Agentschap NL, The Netherlands have agreed to open a call during 2010 inviting proposals for Indo-Dutch Collaborative project in the area of Life Science and Health.

Job Description: This program offers opportunities for bilateral research cooperation between Dutch and Indian research groups/industry for innovative projects in the fields of:
– Industrial research & development1
– Applied research2
This Call is restricted to the following broad areas:
– drug development
– development of medical technology leading to specific treatment methods or diagnostics
– development of biomedical materials or products based on these materials
Who can apply
The partnership consists of at least two partners, one from India and one from the Netherlands.
In India : The Principal Investigator (PI) in India should be a scientist/ faculty member working in regular capacity in an UGC recognized university/ deemed university/ academic institute or national research & development laboratory/
institute. The Indian PI should not be retiring or leaving the parent institute during the proposed duration of the project. Other investigators may be from similar organisations or Industry. However grant-in-aid is provided only to the academic/ R&D institute/ laboratory and the participating industry has to bear their own costs.
In the Netherlands : The Dutch partner should be a small or medium sized enterprise based in the Netherlands, any Dutch university/research institute or large industry may be involved in the Dutch partnership as well, however, at least 35% of the fundable part of the Dutch participation in a given project must be borne by the Dutch SME. Exact criteria may be checked from the website of Agentschap NL .

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Budgetary support:
From the Indian side, based on DST’s assessment, grant-in-aid is provided for upto 3 year duration and covers the following items of expenditure:
1. Project personnel : Junior/Senior Research Fellows/ Research Associates as per SERC norms;
2. Exchange visits for scientists in the research team;
3. Minor equipment/ accessories (costing about Rs. 5 lac) and consumables/ chemicals/ materials;
4. One project related workshop to enhance the exchange of ideas, experiences, knowledge and skills between the two research teams;
5. Contingencies and Institute overheads as per DST norms;
6. Other costs as recommended by Experts Commitee and agreed by DST.
E. Procedure for Assessment :
The project proposals would be assessed in India and the Netherlands using their respective procedures.
In India, the proposals would would be assessed by peers/ Experts Group. if required, Indian Principal Investigator may be invited for prsentation/discussions before the Experts Group. The recommendations of the India and the Dutch side would be discussed by a Joint S&T Committee to arrive at the joint list of proposal for support.
It may however be noted that the financial support for a jointly recommended project in India would be subject to the necessary clearances from the concerned Indian Ministries/ Departments/ agencies.
Decision once taken by DST and Agentschap NL individually or jointly regarding support for a project would be final and PIs should not approach for reconsideration.
Assessment criteria
The following are main criteria of assessment of proposals which are received both in India in Netherlands:

– Technological/Scientific Innovation
o Technical risks and feasibility of the project
o Degree of innovation in comparison with state-of-the-art
o Practical value/benefit for the consortium
o State of intellectual property – patents
o Technology transfer through the project

– Social and Economic perspective
o Economic potential of the project – commercialisation of results
o Impact for the companies – competitiveness, growth, employment
o Business strategy of the project – strengths and weaknesses
o Trans-national added value
o Sustainable development in respect to social and environmental impact

– Consortium and Project Management
o Quality of consortium – complementarity, SMEs, Internationality
o Scientific and technological ability and experience of the consortium
o Business expertise of the consortium (track record)
o Project management capacity
o Consortium agreement plan
– Resources
o Human Resources (qualification and overall man power)
o Financial capability of the consortium and financial commitment of
o Facilities such as laboratories or very specialized equipment
How to Apply:
The Indian and the Dutch Principal Investigator (PI) have to work out a common
research plan (including exchange visits and their duration) and submit the
application in national formats to their respective national funding agencies –
DST in India and Agentschap NL in the Netherlands. Applications which are
recieved by both DST and Agentschap NL would only be considered.
In India, prescribed application formats may be downloaded from the websites: http://www.dst.gov.in and http://www.stic-dst.org. The Indian PIs are required to submit one original and 5 hard copies of the proposal and other details in prescribed Indian format by post through proper channel so as to reach the following address on or before 13th September 2010:
Dr Rajiv Sharma. Scientist ‘G’, International Cooperation Division, Department of Science & Technology, Technology Bhawan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi-110016.
One digital copy of the proposal as a single MSWord file is also required to be sent by e-mail to [email protected] .
The Indian PI is also required to submit a copy of memorandum of understanding amongst all Indian and Dutch partners in the project relating to intellectual property rights. This should address, in particular (a) the ownership and use of know-how and intellectual property owned by the Project Partners prior to the project and (b) arrangements for the ownership and use of
information and intellectual property to be created in the course of the project. It shall be the responsibility of the Project Partners to safeguard their own interests.
The Indian PIs are requested to kindly provide full and correct postal address with pincode, phone and fax numbers and e-mail address for receiving the acknowledgement of receipt of proposals.
Other information
For any further details on this call the following may be contacted :
India : Dr Rajiv Sharma, Email : [email protected]
The Netherlands : Martijn Lammers, email: [email protected]
Tel. nr. +3188602589

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