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Indo Swiss Joint Research Programme

Research programme for Swiss and Indian faculty scientists

Job Description: ISJRP Joint Utilization of Advanced Facilities grants to spend a certain time period in a laboratory, department or at an institute of the counterpart country in order to utilize specialized equipment, facilities, resources, libraries and/or databases that are not available at their home institute.

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Priority research areas
All science & technology disciplines.

Goals :  To encourage ‘brain circulation’ between Switzerland and India· To make the most optimal utilization of already existing research facilities, equipment and resources visit duration Not more then 30 day duration.
i) Applications will be accepted only from Swiss and Indian faculty/ scientists or permanent residents of Switzerland and India based in a Swiss or Indian university or research institution.
ii) Faculty/ scientists who have already availed this scheme are not eligible to apply.
Submission Application must be prepared jointly by the visiting faculty/scientists and the hosting faculty/scientist and must be submitted in Switzerland and India simultaneously.
Joint application forms can be downloaded either from this page (see red box at the top right) or from the DST website.
Submission in Switzerland
Swiss applicants/hosts send the original of the completed joint application form, along with an electronic version, to the Swiss Program Office at
Ursina Roder
CM2 203, Station 10
1015 Lausanne
Email: [email protected]
The printed copy must be signed by the Swiss applicant (written signature) and the Indian applicant (electronic signature).
Submission in India
Indian applicants/hosts send the original copy of the completed joint application form, along with an electronic copy in a single soft file (pdf or word format only) as an email attachment to:
– 2 – Mr. R.K. Sharma
Senior Scientific Officer
International Division
Dept. of Science and Technology
New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi – 110 016
Email: [email protected]
The original copy must be signed by the Indian applicant (written signature) and the Swiss applicants (electronic signature).
Application deadline
Completed joint applications must be submitted not later than 30.11.2010.
Late and incomplete applications will not be accepted. It is intended to announce the results of this call in March 2011.
Grant information A detailed budget will be required.
In principle, travel costs will be split as follows: The sending side pays for international travel related expenses (ie
air-fare, medical insurance, visa fees, domestic travel related to international travel etc)
The hosting side pays for accommodation and living costs of the visiting scientist
Evaluation and selection
Joint applications will be evaluated independently in Switzerland and India. In Switzerland, applications will be considered by EPFL and UNIL (if budget < CHF 10,000) or by the Swiss Steering Committee (if budget > CHF 10,000) on the basis of recommendations made by Advisory Board members and/or a panel of experts proposed by these Advisory Board members. In India, applications will be considered by DST.
Evaluation criteria
(1) Scientific and technological merit of the proposed activities and of the anticipated outcomes
(2) Feasibility of proposed approach
(3) Qualifications and experience of applicants
(4) Expertise of the host laboratory/institute
(5) Benefits of the proposed activities for the establishment of research
partnerships and institutional links between Switzerland and India
(6) Potential for follow-on collaborative activities
Swiss applicants will be notified by EPFL and Indian applicants by DST. Evaluation and selection process may take about three months. Reporting Fellowship recipients will have to submit a short scientific and financial report within two months of the end of the grant period.

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