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International PhD Programme in Molecular Medicine Germany

International PhD Programme in Molecular Medicine Ulm University

The analysis of diseases at the molecular level is a challenging task in the 21st century. Scientists working in the field of Molecular Medicine analyse the molecular mechanisms of the origin of diseases with the long term goal to develop therapeutical and diagnostical concepts. Findings in the field of Molecular Medicine are of high relevance for society since cardiovascular diseases, cancer, or metabolic disorders, including diabetes mellitus, are still the major causes of death in the western hemisphere.

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Ulm University has a strong national and international reputation in interdisciplinary research in Molecular Medicine. The University was founded in 1967 as a medical university. Additional faculties were added therafter to provide interdisciplinary research resources and teaching opportunities. Already during the first years Molecular Medicine was identified as one of the research topics of the young University resulting in two DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centers in the fields of endocrinology and haematology. In the 1990ties, several externally funded and still active co-operative research networks like for instance DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centers, a Clinical Research Unit or a BMBF-funded Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research were established dealing with specific aspects of Molecular Medicine, i.e. a) intracellular signal transduction during cellular differentiation, b) inflammation, regeneration and transformation of the pancreas, or c) lesions and repair within the cardiovascular system, just to name a few.

Modern concepts in Molecular Medicine utilize interdisciplinary approaches combining methods from the areas of molecular biology and genetics with those from informatics, mathematics, physics and engineering. Consequently, interdisciplinary training concepts must be developed to obtain young researchers meeting these requirements. Therefore, the PhD course of studies "International PhD Programme in Molecular Medicine" was launched in October 2005 at the Medical Faculty of Ulm University. It offers an attractive three years programme with the opportunity to finish the studies with the international degree "Doctor of Philosophy, PhD". Major aims of the programme are to improve the training of graduate students in an active and innovative scientific environment, to improve the structure and to tighten the graduate's education, to guide the graduates to perform independent scientific research and – consequently – to increase their career chances in research institutes or biotech companies.

— Applications are welcome anytime. Please find our present project list here —


  • Applicants must hold a Master of Science degree, a German Diploma, or an equivalent degree in life sciences, physics, chemistry, informatics, or a related field.
  • As teaching will be in English, non-native speakers of English will have to demonstrate an adequate knowledge of the English language, i.e. by acceptable results in a standardized test (e.g. TOEFL). Alternatively, proven higher education in English, i.e. passing a BSc/MSc programme held in English, is acceptable.
  • A statement of a potential supervisor, who must be a qualified university lecturer or shows an equivalent scientific qualification, on the form provided for this in accordance with appendix 1 naming and briefly describing the doctoral project from the field of experimental biomedical sciences, consenting to the scientific supervision, and giving details about the financing of the project

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