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2016 Internships In Germany

Germany is a hub for quality education. German organizations provide the opportunity of delivering a first-hand experience in Journalism, Law, Production Planning, IT, German language etc. Some industries give stipend to the interns to carry on their education in Germany. This country has emerged as one of the most famous study destinations for students interning at different colleges from across the world.

Germany has recognized as an ideal place to undertake an internship program as internship done here has gain excellent scope internationally. The interns in Germany can earn best preference globally and consequently develop their career competently.

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Most popular internships are offered by Cultural Vistas, DAAD, Yale University, WSCF, African Youth Foundation, BMW, Abott, etc. Internships are provided for Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate students. Have a look at some internships that are available in Germany.

Internships in Germany


2016 Internship In Volunteer Knowledge & Innovation Section In Germany

UN Volunteers is inviting applications for Internship in Volunteer Knowledge and Innovation Section. Internships are awarded for Master’s degree / programme in development, social science, political science, communications, knowledge management, evaluation or a related field. The United Nations Volunteers programme (UNV) is the United Nations programme that supports sustainable human development globally through the promotion of volunteerism and the mobilization of volunteers. The duration of internship is 3 and 6 months. Internship application deadline is 31st December 2015.

European Union Office Internship In Kosovo, 2016

The European Union Office in Kosovo is offering internship program for applicants of 28 EU Member States. Applicant must be fluent in English; knowledge of other EU languages would be an advantage; knowledge of the workings of the European Union would also be advantages. Internships are offered in 2 basic cycles each year: from April to September and October to March. This is an unpaid internship programme. Internship application deadline is 31-December-2015.

2015/2016 Shell Assessed Internship Opportunities In Germany

Applications are invited for Shell Assessed Internship Opportunities for the year 2015/2016 in Germany. Shell considers sponsoring students from developing countries who are interested in carrying out postgraduate studies in the UK and the Netherlands. First-degree students are not eligible. Interns will be compensated during their internship. The amount depends on the country. Internship application deadline is 31-Dec-2015.

Adidas Group Human Resources Talent Acquisition Internships In Germany, 2016

Adidas Group is offering Internships in Human Resources Talent Acquisition to start in 01-Februray-2016 or 01-March-2016. Interns must be enrolled as fulltime student for the complete duration of the internship or in the so called gap year between Bachelor and Master’s degree. The internships at the adidas group are paid. Pay varies by location. Internship application deadline is 15- December-2015.

University of Michigan German Dept. Summer Internship Program In Germany, 2015

Applications are invited for University of Michigan German Dept. Summer Internship Program in Germany. Interns must be enrolled as a degree-seeking student at the University of Michigan and have at least two years of university-level instruction in the field of their major are eligible. Many internships are paid and scholarships are available to qualified participants who receive unpaid internships. A limited number of language course stipends are also available for those who qualify. Internship application deadline is December 4, 2015.

Facebook Creative Shop Internship In Germany, 2015

Facebook is offering 10 week Creative Shop Internship programme at Hamburg office. Interns will participate in brand and business strategy discussions to uncover huge business needs and opportunities. Interns must be motivated to become part of the advertising market and have ability to be a self-starter, overcome barriers and work collaboratively in a fast paced, challenging environment are eligible. This is an unpaid internship programme.

Google Site Reliability Engineering Internship In Germany & Switzerland, 2016

Google is offering Site Reliability Engineering Internship programme for the year 2016. Interns must be currently pursuing a BS, MS or PhD in computer science or a related technical field. Typically within 12-18 months of completing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, or at any stage in their PhD. International applicants are eligible to apply for this internship. Internship application deadline is December 31st, 2015.

Émigré Memorial German Internship Program In Germany, 2016

German State Parliaments offers Émigré Memorial German Internship Program for  fall spring and summer sessions. EMGIP is a fellowship program that provides internships at a German state parliament (Landtag). Internships are open for U.S. and Canadian students. This is a one- to three-month internship in a German Landtag in target internship field.

2016 UNV Global Programme Coordination Internship in Germany

UN Volunteers is inviting applications for Internship in Global Programmes Section. Internship is awarded to students who have completed undergraduate degree (Bachelor) and be currently enrolled in a Master’s degree or equivalent. The duration of this internship is 4 month. Internship application deadline is 31st December 2015.

Émigré Memorial German Internship Program

The Émigré Memorial German Internship Program–German State Parliaments (EMGIP) is a fellowship program that provides U.S. and Canadian students with internships at a German state parliament.  Candidates must be able and willing to communicate in German and possess good command of professional vocabulary in field. Internship application deadline is October 1, 2015 for Spring 2016, December 1, 2015 for early Summer 2016, March 31, 2016 for Fall 2016.

Embassy of Canada Paid Internships for Political Section in Germany, 2016

The Embassy of Canada in Berlin is offering three paid internships in Political Section. The internship program is only available on a full-time basis and interns will be paid €450 per month. Each internship is available for four months. Interns should have knowledge of written and oral French language. Application deadlines of various sessions are December 4, 2015, March 11, 2016, and June 11, 2016.

Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) Internship In Germany, 2016

Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) is offering full-time internship in Germany for students and recent graduates. Students, who are interested in gaining first-hand experience in public policy research and consulting are encouraged to apply. GPPi will do its best in matching the qualifications and interests of interns with research and consulting projects to which they can contribute most. Interns will get €250-per-month. Different areas have different deadlines to apply for 2016.

Studien Forum Berlin Internships

Studien Forum Berlin funds short and long academic internships all year long in a vast variety of public and private institutions in Berlin. The minimum duration of internships is eight weeks. Students in internships usually work five days a week at their institution or company (40h/week). Together with the University Of Richmond, Studienforum Berlin conducts a six-week internship program that yields three credit points. The date is fixed: May 11 to June 19.

Google Software Engineering Internship Abroad, 2015

Google is offering internship in the field of software engineering for international students. Google is looking for ideas from every area of computer science, including information retrieval, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, distributed computing, large-scale system design, networking, security, data compression, and user interface design etc. Applicants must have currently pursuing a BS, MS or PhD in computer science or a related technical field.  Application will be open for Summer 2016 internship positions in early fall.

2015 GOPA Consultants Internship In Germany

Applications are invited for Internship in the Governance and Economic Development Department in Germany for 2015 academic year. Interns must have ongoing Bachelor or Master Studies in economic, political or social sciences. It offers Fascinating insights into International Development Cooperation, A pleasant working atmosphere in an international and cosmopolitan team, Continuous guidance by a personal mentor and Internship salary. Internship application deadline is 31-march-2015.

Cultural Vistas Internship Program

The Cultural Vistas Internship Program in Germany provides an excellent opportunity for international students to gain valuable international work skills. Applicants must have two years of post-secondary instruction in German or the equivalent. Applicants must be of 18–30 years of age. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Please apply at least five months prior to your desired start date.

Airbus Internship Program in Germany

Airbus is funding internships to students from a variety of academic backgrounds. To qualify, candidates must be enrolled in a university and be looking for a placement that will last between three months and one year. There are different selection processes depending on the vacancy. To be considered for international internships, students should have completed at least two years of a four-year course (or one year of a three-year course) and the internship should be outside of your home country or the country where your course is based. Apply at least 6 months in advance to give adequate time to process the application.

BMW Group Internship

BMW offer shorter internships lasting two to three months as well as internships on a full-time or part-time basis. Depending on your study regulations, six to ten weeks is the ideal time for the mandatory technical pre-degree internship. Students who are enrolled at a university or a university of applied sciences are eligible for participation. Application should reach us four months before the desired start date.

2015 FRQNT International Internship Program for Master’s or Doctoral Students

The FRQNT’s (Fonds de recherche du Québec Nature et technologies) international internship is offered for Master’s or doctoral students enrolled full-time in a Quebec university and who meets the requirements of their program. This internship program aims to foster international mobility of students whose research activities are part of the scientific program of a strategic cluster funded by the FRQNT. Application can apply till March 1st, 2015.

DKFZ Summer Internship in Cancer Research

Applications are invited for DKFZ Summer Internship in Cancer Research for 2015 academic year. To be eligible to apply for the DKFZ Summer Internship they must be working towards a masters degree and be able to provide proof that they are enrolled in a university for the full duration of the internship (i.e. until the end of September).  Applicants should also be ambitious, hardworking and have a desire to gain more experience working in the lab. International students and students from Europe are eligible to apply for this internship programme. Internship application deadline is 1st March 2015.

UAS7 Media Lab/eLearning Internship in Research, Germany 2016

German Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS7) is offering internship in research at Media Lab / e-Learning Competence Center Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. Interns should have English or German language Skills. This internship Program (IP) is available for students interested in doing research and teaching Computer Science (Media) and Interaction Design.  Applications will also be accepted in a subsequent round with a deadline of October 1, 2015.

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