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JDS Program 2011-2012 Scholarships for Bangladeshi Nationals, Japan

Job Description: Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS) was established by the Government of Bangladesh with the assistance of the Government of Japan in 2001.The objective of JDS Program is to support human resources development of Bangladesh, targeting promising, young government officials and others, who are expected to be leaders of the country, and to engage in formulating and implementing social and economic development policies in Bangladesh.
Participants of the JDS Program, JDS fellows, shall continue to expand and enhance foundation for bilateral relations with Japan, having well-rounded knowledge of Japan. JDS fellows will acquire expert knowledge, conduct research, and build human networks at Japanese universities, and are expected to use such knowledge to take an active role in practically solving problems concerning the social and economic development issues that Bangladesh is facing.
Framework of JDS Program in Bangladesh
The framework of the JDS program has been reviewed, and new system is applied from 2010-2011 batch, to ensure the better assessment and enhance efficiencies of the program. A single program was designed to have “four batches” and this is the second batch in Bangladesh in the new system. The new JDS program consists of “sub-program” and “component”, which correspond to and deal with the selected target priority area and development issues. In Bangladesh, 2 sub-programs and 4 components have been settled, which were confirmed as being indispensable to the economic and social development of Bangladesh through the preliminary study. JDS fellows are selected from the “Bangladesh Civil Service Cadre/ Class-1 Officers of Bangladesh Bank” related to the target priority areas and development issues to be developed. Accepting Japanese universities, which provide educational programs corresponded to the needs on development issues, are allocated accordingly. The degree to be obtained is master’s degree.

Eligible Applicants
* 1. Nationality: Bangladeshi Nationals;
* 2. Age: Below Forty (40) years of age as of April 1, 2011 (Born on / after April 2, 1971);
* 3. Academic Background; Completed sixteen (16) years of school education with at least Bachelor’s degree. At least two (2) First Division or equivalent with no Third Division;
* 4. Work Experience:
o 1) Public Administration, Economics, Environmental Policy, International Relations: To be a confirmed member of Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) Cadre with two (2) years of work experience in Government Service.
o 2) Economics, Environmental Policy:
Class-1 officers of Bangladesh Bank with two (2) years of work experience in Bangladesh Bank;
* 5. Health: Applicants must be mentally and physically in good health;
* 6. Permission:
o 1) Applicants must obtain permission for their appropriate department or person (Prescribed Form).
o 2) For Government Officials: To be a Government Official in BCS Cadre, successfully completed necessary Foundation Training Course by April 1, 2011, and eligible to get the deputation for full period of preparatory orientation as well as study in Japan before the departure to Japan.
o 3) For Bangladesh Officials: To be a Class-1 Officer and eligible to get study-leave or deputation for full period of preparatory orientation as well as study in Japan before the departure in Japan;
* 7. Ineligibility:
o 1) Those who have been awarded or are scheduled to receive other scholarship of master’s degree program.
o 2) Those who have been already taken a master’s degree overseas.
o 3) Military personnel and military personnel and military civilian employees registered on the active list. Those who are personnel or temporary leave from the active list;

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* To apply for JDS Program, applicants are expected to have good command of both written and spoken English (preferably IELTS 6.0/ CBT (Computer-Based TOEFL) 213/ PBT(Paper-Based TOEFL) 550 or above).

Application Date: 17:00, September 30(Thursday), 2010

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