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Kyotto Scholarships 2011-2012, USA

Scholarships for High School Seniors
Study Subject: Any
Employer: The San Diego Foundation, and the Inamori Foundation of Kyoto
Level: High School Seniors

Description:The Kyoto Symposium Organization, The San Diego Foundation, and the Inamori Foundation of Kyoto, Japan invite all high schools in the City and County of San Diego (public, private and parochial), as well as Tijuana-area high schools, to participate in the 2011-2012 Kyoto Scholarships. The program is limited to high school seniors.



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In April 2011, for the tenth consecutive year, the nonprofit Inamori Foundation will host the Kyoto Prize Symposium (KPS) in San Diego, bringing the latest winners of the Kyoto Prize to America for a three-day celebration in their honor. (The Kyoto Prize is one of the most prestigious awards for lifetime achievement given worldwide. Information about the 2010 Kyoto Prize laureates is available at www.kyotoprize.org or www.inamori-f.or.jp )
The next Kyoto Prize Symposium will take place April 4-6, 2011, with events at San Diego State University; University of California, San Diego; and University of San Diego. The week’s Opening Ceremony and Gala will take place in San Diego on the night of April 4, during which the six recipients of the 2011-2012 Kyoto financial aid positions will be announced. Recipients will meet the latest Kyoto Prize Laureates in person, and will receive a scholarship valued at up to $10,000.
How to Apply for the opportunity
1. Essay
Using one of the 2010 Kyoto Prize Laureates as your subject, please write a two-part essay not to exceed 2,000 words in length. In Part I (up to 1,000 words), explain what inspires you most about the Laureate’s life, achievements, and contribution to society. In Part II (also up to 1,000 words), consider this Laureate’s field and explain how and why you dream of contributing to it, or a similar field, through your own studies and work. We recommend that you use the Internet and libraries to conduct the research you will require for your essay

application Deadline: 31st December 2010 until 5 pm
Further Scholarship Information and Application

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