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The LGBT Scholarships For Third Gender   

An increasing number of scholarship programs are exclusively devoted to help students belonging to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Some of these scholarships are awarded nationally, while others are exclusively reserved for LGBT students belonging to specific geographic regions. A large number of LGBT student populations are under-represented today in higher education, thus these scholarship programs and fellowships are intended to boost the number of enrollment in college programs and universities globally.

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Benefits Associated with LGBT Scholarships

The targeted segments of student body, like LGBT, can benefit from such financial assistance and awards as these scholarships address specific types of individuals within LGBT community. The groups of LGBT students excluded from higher education in universities face terrifying social challenges, so the increasing number of LGBT scholarship initiatives reflects the trend towards tolerance and diversity within the educational community.

Alike other scholarship-seekers, the LGBT scholarship candidates are also well-served with superior approach towards student assistance. The LGBT students seeking such scholarships first receive free-money federal grants and then tackle state resources and other funding offered by colleges to LGBT applicants.

LGBT Scholarships

How to Apply for LGBT Scholarships ?

There are a wide variety of LGBT scholarships available and issued both on merit basis and need basis. Alike other scholarship programs, the LGBT applicants need to have exceptional academic career along with active participations in different curriculum activities to apply for such scholarships. Some of LGBT scholarships can be applied online by filling out online applications, while for other scholarships the applicants need to submit their applications offline to the financial department of the sponsors.

Some of the LGBT Scholarships

Here are some of the best and top LGBT scholarships that LGBT candidates may consider to aid their education. However, it is necessary for the LGBT candidates to check with the local gay community organizations or college of choice before applying as there are many local LGBT scholarships available that are not mentioned here.

The Point Foundation – LGBT Scholarship

Point Foundation is one of the popular and largest scholarship-granting institutes for LGBT community. The funds provided to LGBT candidates can be used to cover tuition fees, book rooms and board etc. Point Foundation focuses on promoting changes in such community of third gender through grants and scholarships. The organization also offers leadership programs to help LGBT scholars succeed in their career.

League Foundation at AT&T LGBT Scholarship

League at AT&T Foundation Scholarships are specifically intended for LGBT candidates studying at U.S high school and demonstrating achievements in cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, significant involvement in community service and acceptance to any accredited US university or college. Students receive $1500 scholarship funds and several other $2500 scholarships in honor of Laurel Hester and Matthew Shepherd.

Rainbow Scholarship for LGBT Community

Created by Pride of the Greater Lehigh Valley in the year 2003, The Rainbow Scholarships are basically intended for LGBT youth and their supportive friends. The prime focus of this scholarship program is to promote academic achievements of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and develop their self-esteem and to offer positive reinforcement for curious LGBT youth. The interesting fact is that the scholarship amount tends to increase as the community involvement grows.

APIQWTC Scholarship

APIQWTC Scholarship supports the queer women and transgender and bisexual Asian and Pacific Islander candidates who want to pursue professional or technical training or higher education. The candidates receive $1000 scholarships and two candidates are selected every year. It is awarded with an aim to recognize those individuals who are active in community activities and can encourage future leaders.

The Pinnacle Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to young LGBT students who desire to pursue full-time education at any public or private institutions in Australia. The scholarship amount can be used to gain any professional, educational or vocational qualifications in any stream, arts or trade. The scholarship amount ranges from $3000 for one year education to $2000 for subsequent years.

Michael Phair Leadership Award

This is the first scholarship program for LGBT community in the history of University of Alberta, Canada. The scholarship is issued based on academic performance, involvement into extra-curriculum and community activities and leadership qualities of the applicants. Undergraduate LGBT applicants are mostly preferred for this scholarship and those who demonstrate higher dedication towards the advancement of LGBT community at global level.

GABA Tertiary Scholarships

Established in the year 2008, the GABA Trust started providing GABA Tertiary Secondary Scholarships of $2000 to support the young LGBT to pursue higher education in any university or college in New Zealand. In the year 2011, owing to the increased costs and challenges of Tertiary education, the Trust had finally decided to offer two large scholarships of $3000 each to all first year tertiary students and since then the organization has been offering tertiary scholarships to LGBT community of New Zealand.