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Master and PhD in Renewable Energy Technologies, Saudi Arabia

Master and PhD in Renewable Energy Technologies

Job Description : We offer scolarships in Renewable Energy Technologies in King saud University. Qualified students graduated from Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Physics an Chemistry are welcome to apply to the programs. Fields of research are: solar energy, wind energy, hydrogen energy.

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email: [email protected]

Job Homepage : www.ksu.edu.sa
Category : Renewable Energy
Contact address : Khaled Addoweesh
Electrical Engineering Dept
King saud University
Saudi Arabia
[email protected]
Keywords : Renewable Energy , solar energy, wind energy, hydrogen energy.
Your Name : Khaled Addoweesh


  1. hailekiros g.selassie says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I am Hailekiros G.selassie from Ethiopia I have gradugated BSC in physics from science faculity
    of AAU.Currentely I am working in science and technology of Tigray,If I got chance to study Msc free scholar ship any where Iam very happy, so pleace consider my application any of you

  2. ELIAS ALI says:

    asalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu i’m ELIAS ALI from ethiopia i have firsr dgree in surveying technollogy i want to learn my second degree in ardul islam so please try to help me jezakallah

  3. huruy baryagabir says:

    i am male 30 years old from Eritrea, East Africa.I hold Bsc degree in mechanical engineering from Asmara University and diploma in radio electronics with minor electricity from Asmara Technical School. Currently I am working in Eriequip plc sole dealer of Caterpillar in Eritrea as service engineer from 2004. can I get admissiom to apply for Msc scholarship in mechanical engineering.


  4. Moo Fortunatus says:

    Please Sir, I hold a University degree in Building Technology. I am Currently lecturing at Wa Polytechnic in Northern Ghana. I teach Building Services which includes domestic energy installation and management. Could consider me for the Msc. scholarship in energy conservation in Saudi Arabia.

    Moo Fortunatus

  5. Tekalign Lemma says:

    I am Tekalign lemma from ethiopia. I have completed my BSC
    in mechanical Engineering in 2003. Now if you consider me, i want to learn my M.Sc that related to my field.

    Thank You
    Tekalign Lemma

  6. Please i am seriously in search of scholarship to run my msc program.I am a graduate of physics and i intend to study medical physics or nuclear physics. please i need everyone’s help.What should i do?I’ve rounded up my national youth service.

  7. alem says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    i am Alem Kiros from Ethiopian. i have completed my B.Sc Degree in computer Science and IT in 2009. Now if you consider me, i want to learn my M.Sc that related to my field.

    Your Sencerely
    Alem Kiros

  8. Dear Sir,
    I am Muhammad Yasir from Pakistan.I have completed my M.Sc (Physics) in Punjab university(PU) in Pakistan in 2008.Now I am doing job as a research assistant in PU and also doing part time M.Phil in PU in micro electronics and my Reseach topic is Fabrication and Characterization of carbon nano tube devices.Now I want to do PhD .
    Your’s Sincerely
    Muhammad Yasir

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