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Pursue Your Career With Meteorology Scholarships

Meteorology happens to be an interdisciplinary scientific study of the atmosphere. Students who pursue higher studies in meteorology can ensure an exciting and successful career in the future but the cost of education in the field is rather high and not many students are able to bear the excess tuition fees and related costs. However, there are lots of scholarship opportunities available to these students which can assist them in a financial manner and enable them to follow their dreams of studying meteorology.

Why Study Meteorology?

If you are fascinated with everything related to weather, like tracking storms, predicting tomorrow’s weather, understanding the causes for weather patterns like cyclones, typhoons, etc, then pursuing a degree in meteorology is the most obvious thing to do. Since weather is everywhere, meteorologists can be found all over the world doing many different jobs.

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Today, many rewarding career opportunities are open to anyone who has a good knowledge of meteorology and the ability to use it in atmospheric research or applied meteorology. In meteorology, as in many other professions, employers are actively recruiting women and minorities also… [Read More]

Why Meteorology Scholarships Are Important?

The study of weather and climate is important since it affects most social, agricultural, industrial, commercial, transport activities, indirectly or directly. Meteorology scholarships encourage the students to pick a future in this field and assist them in a financial manner by providing them with monetary assistance. There are different meteorology scholarships available to undergraduate and graduate students and they must submit their applications on time if they wish to avail the scholarships. If any student avails the scholarships, it is an immediate indicator of their academic prowess. So not only do the scholarships help the students pursue higher studies but they even ensure a bright future.

List Of Top Meteorology Scholarships

Father James B. Macelwane Annual Award in Meteorology

This is one of the most prestigious meteorology scholarships established by the American Meteorological Society (AMS) in honour of the late Rev. James B. Macelware, S.J. The recipient of this award is going to receive a cash stipend of $10000 supported by member donations to the 21st Century Campaign of AMS.

NWA David Sankey Minority Scholarship in Meteorology

This scholarship awards $1000 each year to students from underrepresented ethnic groups pursuing their education in meteorology. The scholarship is based on academic merit, two recommendation letters – one of which should be from a current or former meteorology professor, and a one page statement explaining why the applicant wishes to apply for the David Sankey Scholarship.

AGI Minority Geoscience Scholarships

Available to U.S. citizens only, this scholarship offers a cash amount of $250 – $1000 to full-time students who demonstrate economic need and who are presently enrolled in an accredited institution as an undergraduate student majoring in meteorology.

American Geological Institutes Minority Participation Program

Providing $500 – $3000, this scholarship is meant for minority undergraduate or graduate students majoring in meteorology. Every applicant needs to be a minority interested in pursuing a career in the field of meteorology.

Atmospheric Sciences Education and Research Grant

This scholarship does not offer a fixed sum of money but is open to qualified graduate or undergraduate students studying meteorology at SFSU. The undergraduate student must plan to pursue a graduate degree in the field of meteorology and the scholarship will be awarded based on economic need and academic merit.

Charles Warren and Denzil Slentz Thornthwaite Scholarship

This meteorology scholarship is meant for those students who have exhibited outstanding ability in the field of meteorology along with economic need.

Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship-Meteorology

The Clare Booth Luce Scholarship serves as a source of encouragement for qualified female undergraduates to enter, study, graduate and teach in the field of meteorology. Only those students who are high school seniors, transfers and current attendees at Marymount University can apply for the scholarship. It is offered on the basis of merit.

Fawbush-Miller Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student from the School of Meteorology who performs admirably in the National Forecast Contest. This comes with a cash prize of $500.

Hugh Calkins Endowed Scholarship

This is a renewable scholarship for students enrolled in the College of Science and Technology, majoring in the field of meteorology and who have a GPA of 3.25 or higher.

Minority Geoscience Undergraduate Scholarships

Offered by the American Geological Institute, this $10000 scholarship provides economic assistance to underrepresented minority undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a degree in meteorology or other geosciences.

Meteorology students have lots of scholarship options at their disposal which will help them accomplish their studies in a suitable manner and fulfil a career in the field of meteorology.