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Monitoring and Evaluation Masters Degree and Scholarships

For an organization, it is important to make sure that every department works smoothly and brings success to the company. Evaluating the performance of the company in regular basis is essential, and so there is a separate division that takes care of it. Monitoring and evaluation is the process that constantly helps to improve the performance of the organization. Both are judged according to the project work taken by the company. Below is the description of Monitoring and Evaluation done in the organization.


It is a systematic and routine collection of information gathered for the project work. This information can be of activities, products and other factors that affect the organization or project. Once everything is evaluated, the information can be used for the project work. Practically, it helps in keeping work on track, and helps management to know what is going wrong in the project work. If it is done briefly, it provides useful base for evaluation purpose. Moreover, it also helps the company to determine if the resources used are sufficient enough for the project.

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This is perhaps a larger way of looking into the project. It is the comparison of actual project against the plan set. It is about how the project can be worked on and how it can be accomplished. It can be either formative, wherein you can make the strategy so that project functions better, or else it can be summative as well.

Both these focusing on three elements:

Both Monitoring & Evaluation are embedded concept of every project taken up by the organization. It is ideally understood with the development and progress between stakeholders.  Basically, monitoring is an integral part of evaluation. During evaluation the previous information gathered during monitoring used for understanding the project and check if any changes needed.

The main reason behind evaluation & monitoring is to check the development work in the project. Moreover, you can:
-Review Progress
-Identify problems in planning or implementation
-Make adjustment according to the charges required.

Monitoring & Evaluation Course

Company that has a department of monitoring & evaluation looks for candidates who have earned higher degree certificate in the respective field. However, they are later trained to understand the work and project. There are universities that offer degree and diploma program in this field. Besides full time, universities also offer online courses for international students.

Students either taking up distance or full time course, are trained to create and understand the tools for management personnel. Students by taking this course can benefit by understanding program monitoring, evaluation and reporting in program. Students are trained through practical exercises and undergoing step-by-step process.

These courses are offered in various durations. There are also short term courses for 2 days or maximum for week depending on the requirement. Even international students can seek for master’s courses through online degree. Professional working people can seek for Certificate Advanced Course offered by universities to learn more about the field and put all expertise in the work.

Scholarships for Monitoring & Evaluation

Universities and institutes offering this course, also offer scholarships that cover the tuition fees and other expenses. Students taking up masters degree in monitoring & evaluation course can seek for financial aids available for full time courses. This aid is helpful for international students seeking masters course in respective field.

Universities and Colleges offering masters degree in Monitoring & Evaluation Course and scholarships:

WITS School of Governance

It is the leading regional institution and offers courses related to Public and Development Management and has been offering courses for more than 20 yrs. The university offers Monitoring and Evaluation Postgraduate Diploma and Masters Programme for both local and international students. Internationally it is named as University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, it ranks in 226-250 by Times Higher Education. The course aims to build qualities in formulating, managing and evaluating development interventions.

Scholarships and Financial Aid: The University offers scholarships like Mandela Scholarships Fund and Chevening Scholarship Programme for Future Leaders.

University of Melbourne

It is the leading university in Australia and ranks 2nd according to QS World University 2014. The university offers Centre for Program Evaluation, that offers students to undertake research and commissioned program evaluations. With Master of Evaluation (MC-EVAL), students need to take up Evaluation Capstone.

Scholarship and Aids:  University of Melbourne offers scholarships for national and international students. These scholarships are offered under merit basis and with different values. There are separate master’s scholarships for international students. These include- Asian Development Bank- Japan Scholarship Program, International Postgraduate Coursework Awards (IPCA) and Hong Leong Foundation Masters Scholarship.

Daystar University

Originally located in Nairobi city, it is a reputed university in Kenya, offers 7 master’s programs and 15 UG programs. It is a Christian Liberal Arts. The university currently runs 5 schools and 13 academic departments. This also includes Master of Arts in Monitoring & Evaluation. This masters course aims to track performance, enhance efficiency, effectiveness, promote transparency and accountability in various sectors.

Scholarships and Financial Aid: The University offers KES 30 million assisting to approx 300 students, including international students.  Some of the available scholarships are- Daystar Family and Daystar Sunday Partial Scholarships, Hardship Scholarship, Recommended Scholarship etc.

Bangor University

It is among the reputed university in UK, and currently ranks among the top 40 universities by The World University Rankings, 2012-13. The university offers MA in Policy Research and Evaluation and aims to meet the needs of the public service sector in Wales and further in the field. Once completed, students will be able to demonstrate advanced, specialized knowledge and skills across the field of policy research and evaluation and critically evaluate skills.

Scholarships and Aid: University offers various funding for students taking up Masters Course. You can check some available funding like NISCHR Funded Scholarships, Siemens Jointly Funded Studentship, Postgrad Solutions Bursary etc. Moreover, the university offers scholarships for international students by offering funding over 1million euro that includes tuition and other cost of living.

Africa Nazarene University

It is a liberal arts university in Kenya and currently ranks in 25th position among Kenyan universities. It offers Masters of Arts in Monitoring and Evaluation to prepare students in meeting with the current demand of company. Through its effective courseware, students can contribute in the implementation of sector and national strategies. The courseware concentrates on Communications and Advocacy in M&E, Principles of Conflict Resolution, M&E and Globalization etc. University intakes students from 20 countries and has separate International Students Club.

Scholarship and Financial Aid: Africa Nazarene University has a separate Finance Department that takes care of financial aid and work-study program. Some of the available scholarships that are also offered to international students include- Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), Government Bursaries and Scholarship, Institutionally Funded Scholarship and Referral Tuition Discount.