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Online Course on Engineering Software as a Service

University of Berkely with edX is offering an online course on engineering via UC BerkeleyX.

Fundamentals of software engineering with course code CS169.1x are taught by using agile techniques for developing Software as a Service (SaaS) using Ruby on Rails.



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New challenges and opportunities of SaaS will be understood by students as compared to Shrink-wrapped software. Fundamental programming techniques will be understood and applied to design, development, testing and public cloud deployment of a simple Saas application.

Best-of-breed tools that support modern development techniques including behavior-driven design, user stories, test-driven development, velocity, and pair programming will be used by students.

Applicants will also learn how modern programming language features like metaprogramming and reflection can improve productivity and code 23449maintainability.

Students will have to work on weekly coding projects and quizzes and those who successfully complete the assignments and earn a passing grade can get an honor code certificate or verified certificate from BerkeleyX. The new class also includes embedded live chat with Teaching Assistants and other students and opportunities for remote pair programming with other students. Group tutorial Q&A sessions will also be held and broadcast live through Google Hangouts and YouTube.

Basics of Ruby will be taught at a very accelerated pace that assumes thorough familiarity with OOP inheritance, static/class vs. instance methods and attributes, recursion, hash tables/hash maps, list comprehensions, higher-order functions, lambda expressions.

Course Date & Duration

This course will start on April 18, 2014 and will continue for 8 weeks.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant should be proficient in an object oriented programming language such as Java, C, C++, Python, or Ruby.


-Armando Fox
Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley and has also worked as an Assistant Professor at Stanford.

-David Patterson
Pardee Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley and has served as Chair of Berkeley’s CS Division, Chair of the CRA, and President of the ACM. He received all his degrees from UCLA.

-Sam Joseph
He is an Associate Professor at Hawaii Pacific University . He has also worked as an Associate Researcher at University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM).

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