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Online Course on English Grammar and Style by edX

edX and University of Queensland, Australia are going to offer an online course on English Grammar and Style.  Students will get a knowledge regarding how words can be framed and written in the style that is valued by readers.

In this internet world, the demand for literacy has become more intense as everyone has become a writer and a reader. Through this course students will be able articulate ideas in smart and tight writing.

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They will also learn in what manner words work so that they will be able to write concise, lucid, nuanced and compelling prose which readers value.

This course will ultimately sharpen and solidify writing and editing competence and self-confidence by providing a detailed basis in grammar, syntax and style.

Course Begins

Write101x will start from 22nd September 2014.

Duration of the Course

This course will run for 9 weeks and students are required to contribute 4 hours per week.

Course Field

This course will introduce students to English Grammar and Style.

Course Format

It will provide grounding regarding grammar, syntax and style.


Students with proficiency in English are eligible to follow an introductory-level writing course.

About the Instructor

Roslyn Petelin

She teaches writing and editing at the University of Queensland, where she designed and convenes the postgraduate program in Writing, Editing, & Publishing, a flagship program established in 2001.

Gabrielle O’Ryan

She tutors in advanced grammar and professional writing at The University of Queensland, and tutors in creative writing and professional writing at Open Universities Australia (OUA), Griffith University.

Michael Lefcourt

He tutors in the Writing, Editing, and Publishing postgraduate program at The University of Queensland, and is a graduate of the program.

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