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Online PhD Programs

A doctoral degree is usually considered to be one of the most prestigious and reputed academic awards granted to students in the field of academics. They are the highest-level degrees available from numerous universities in the world. The majority of these programs remain open to graduates who have completed their bachelor’s degree as well as their master’s degree in a particular course of study.

The duration of the doctoral programs usually extends from 4 to 8 years. However, many students are unable to attend the university of their choice to complete the PhD programs due to a number of factors, including distance, cost etc.

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Thankfully, in the age of the Internet, modern technology has made it possible for eager students to earn a valid doctoral degree by becoming a part of a distance learning program over the World Wide Web. Online PhD programs have increased in popularity over the years and various popular universities are now offering online PhD programs for the benefit of the students. A few of the most popular online PhD degrees are mentioned below:

Psychology (Ph.D.)

The PhD in the field of Psychology can be pursued via online study. This course is sometimes considered to be a research program and a teaching degree. The sub-specialities of this field include clinical psychology, counselling psychology, organizational psychology or educational psychology. Some of the most prominent institutions that offer PhD in psychology are Capella UniversityWalden University and California Southern University.

Education (Ph.D.)

The PhD is the field of Education prepares graduates for administrative careers or academic teaching and can be studied online at Michigan State UniversityUniversity of Florida, and the University of Idaho.

Engineering (PhD; DCS)

PhDs in many branches of engineering may be pursued via distance learning. The popular areas of study include computer science (often referred to a Doctor of Computer Science or DCS), civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Some programs in this field are eligible to award students with a Doctor of Engineering degree or D.Eng. This program can be studied at Colorado State UniversityMassachusetts Institute of Technology and Whiting School of Engineering.

Business (PhD; DBA)

The PhD in the field of business or the Doctor of Business Administration degree helps graduates for teaching positions and research in the business arena. The most important institutions that offer online business doctoral degrees are Harvard Business SchoolHampton University and North central University.

Public Health (PhD; DPH)

Doctoral degrees in the field of public health allow graduates to prepare for research or administrative careers in community health or associated social health fields, including epidemiology. The Doctor of Public Health degree (DPH) generally highlights the importance of public health policy studies and is available online from Bloomberg School of Public HealthUniversity of Illinois, and Tufts University.

Biological Sciences (S.D.)

Doctoral programs involving biological sciences are normally centered on laboratory research with students undertaking a variety of lab rotations. Graduates in this field are awarded the title of Doctor of Science (S.D.). This course can be studied online at the University of Arizona, the Panama College of Cell Science, and the Michigan Tech University.

Social Sciences

PhD in Social sciences is intended for students who are interested in disciplines as varied as political science, geography, and history. This course is individualized and interdisciplinary in nature, and can studied online at Syracuse University.

Information Systems

Students can avail an online PhD in the prospective field of information systems from Cornell University and Eller College.

Public Administration

Public administration is available as an online PhD degree to students from Valdosta State University and American University.

Financial Planning

Both the Kansas State University and the American College offer online PhD in the field of financial planning.

There are some factors which should be kept in mind by students when looking for an online doctoral degree in order to find the best option of online PhD viz. degree focus, admission requirements, accreditation, program length and schedule, campus residency or internship requirements, ability to transfer credits from the master’s degree, and cost.