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Pace University Online College Scholarships

Pace University offers financial aid to students in the form of scholarships, grants, work study, and student loans. Scholarships are treated as best kind of financial aids as they do not need to be paid back. Pace University, the federal government, New York State and private organizations offer scholarships to its students. Students are rewarded with University-sponsored scholarships on the basis of student’s academic score, service to the community, talent, special activities and financial need.

Following types of financial aids offered by the University for Various Online Courses:
-Scholarships and Grants
-Federal Work Study
-Federal Student Loans
-Alternative Financing

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Pace University has specifically designed Online Completion Degree Programs for the people to upgrade the education even in their busy schedule. The tuition, fees and financial aids are somehow different for each IPACE Online Course which has been designed especially for particular groups of students and people.

Types of Online and Blended Degree Programs

These degree programs are especially designed for busy people who cannot attend a full-time course in the university. Some of these programs are listed below:
-B.B.A. in Business Studies w/concentrations in Marketing Management and Accounting/Internal Auditing
-B.S. in Professional Communication Studies
-B.S. in Professional Technology Studies w/concentration in Computer Forensics
-B.S. in Nursing Completion Program for RNs (note: this is a blended program with online instruction and in-person sessions)
-B.S. in Disabilities and Community Living
-Associate degree in Arts and Sciences

Eligibility For Getting Scholarship

Pace University does not offer financial aids to visiting students. If students are awarded financial aid at their home institution, that aid can be possibly be transferred to Pace. Few points that need to be considered are:
-Financial Aid in the form of Pace-funded scholarships, grants or awards and New York State individually or in combination should not go beyond the actual tuition charges
-All financial aid combined should be less than the Cost of Attendance.
-To avail financial aid student must be admitted to and enrolled in a degree or certificate program at Pace University.
-Students are required to be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits per semester) to be eligible for aid.

Steps To Apply For Scholarships 

Step 1:

To apply for Scholarship student is required to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year. Online application process starts from January 1st each year. A student or his parents or spouse (if student is married) have to electronically sign FAFSA application online using their individual PIN numbers. These PIN numbers can be obtained from Federal Student Aid website. After signing the application, you will be required to list following Pace University campus codes:

(a) New York City campus: 002791
(b) Pleasantville campus: 002792
(c) White Plains campus: 002727

Step 2: 

On the completion of above step, Student will receive an Electronic Student Aid Report (eSAR) from the Federal Aid Processing Centre. Student should go through the report carefully, reading all comments, instructions and make necessary changes if required. 

Step 3:

Students are advised to read all communications received from the Pace University Financial Aid Office and send to them any requested documentation immediately for processing. Check if you have received notices like Financial Aid Award letter.

Application Procedure for Pace University Endowed Scholarships

To apply for Endowed Scholarships from Pace University (Continuing and Resuming students only), complete the application on-line

After completing FAFSA for the year you need to follow below steps you should take in order to get the best possible Scholarship from Pace University.

These steps are applicable to both Undergraduate and Graduate students for newly enrolled or currently enrolled.
-On receiving Financial Aid Award letter from Pace University, read it and review it.
-Now log in to your MyPace portal to check following things like:
(a) Financial Aid status
(b) Scholarship Eligibility
(c) Acceptance or Decline of Scholarship
-Student needs to notify the Financial Aid Office of any changes regarding enrolment or staying arrangements while attending Pace University.

Upon acceptance of Scholarship, a separate Scholarship Award Agreement form will be sent to student from Pace University. Student has to duly fill it and send it back again to Pace University.

For any queries regarding scholarships, you can email at financialaid-at-pace.edu or call (877) 672-1830