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What To Do With A Doctorate In English Literature?

Studying English literature is a theoretical discipline which includes the study of literatures written in English Language from all over the world.

PhD in English Literature gives you the opportunity to explore the language, analyzing it, its history and gives you the scope to create and add something new to this language, which will in the long run make a mark in the history of this language.

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Most of the graduate students think that pursuing graduation is enough but keeping in mind the ever rising competition today, same is definitely not sufficient. Literature is a social produce of a community and studying literature will give you a complete vision of different societies worldwide.

What Are The Openings After Having A Doctoral Degree In English Literature?

The degree of PhD in English Literature can open a wide range of career opportunity for aspiring students.

-This degree will make you an all-rounder in English which will help you in building careers in writing, communication skills and understanding the complex ideas of the literature work done many years back.
-Journalism is a booming sector where you can have the highest opportunity to shine in your career, which needs research skills which you can only acquire with the highest degree in this language.
-You can become an editorial assistant in the biggest publishing house with an outstanding academic background.
-One can also find a bright future in advertising agencies as an advertising copywriter, or can get a job as a press or public relation officer.
-Teaching is the best choice as it will let you do your own research and the aspiring student can get the best out of you.
-You are not just bound to write novels or stories, you can write for any museum or art galleries using your knowledge which you learnt.
-One can just become a creative writer in English to make a new mark in the history of this language.
-One has an opportunity to become an academic library having all the precious books in hand.
-One can start his/her career as an information officer.
-And the most exciting thing is that one can become a lexicographer who compile, write and edit a dictionary with this degree.

Universities From Where You Can Get The Doctorate In English Literature

PhD in English Literature and American Literature from Boston University

The Department of English of this university assures you to give a full financial support throughout the five year course condition applied only for the PhD students who maintain satisfying academic progress. The fund will come in the form of Research Assistantship, Teaching Fellowship or for Graduate Fellowship. The course has to be completed within seven years and the leaves taken are to be counted within this time period.

PhD in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh

This university gives you an opportunity to pursue PhD in full time or a part time course. For the full timers, the research project has to be about 36 months and for the part timers, it is extended from 48 to 72 months.

The degree is given after approving the thesis to be appropriate and it is the highest postgraduate degree bestowed by the university. The students pursuing PhD are also requested to judge them for the prestigious James Trait Black Prizes which is U.K.’s most distinguished, oldest literary award.

PhD in English Literature from University of California Berkeley

The PhD program offered by this university is ranked as the top graduate English program in the nation according to recent the U.S. News and World Report. And this department of the college has the most awarded faculties of the other departments. For more information you can mail them at gradofc-at-econ.berkeley.edu or visit the university’s URL.

PhD in English Literature from Harvard University

The PhD program at this university includes Master of Arts as an integral part of the doctoral program. So candidates who want to appear in PhD program also from the same university should get enroll into the graduate program first.

This program takes four to seven years to complete. This university gives you the opportunity to be a full member of the department, which will give a scope for the students to attend their intellectual and social life. For other admission related queries you can mail them at engphd-at-fas.harvard.edu .

PhD in English Literature from Columbia University

The department of English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University plays an important role in the history of literature study in abroad and U.S.

It is renowned for its faculty strength. It has 16 places for admission and the whole program is fully funded with a living stipend, fees, tuition for a 6 years course or a 5 year course for them who have already got an M.A. from another university. For detailed information regarding the admission procedure you can contact them by the email id vek2001-at-columbia.edu.

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