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PhD Opportunity, Query Processing and Optimization, IRIT Lab., Toulouse, France

The pyramid team of the IRIT laboratory (http://www.irit.fr/, Toulouse, France) has a research stipend (scholarship) for a Ph.D. student beginning october 2009, to work on the following theme: Query Processing in Large Scale Environments. Location : IRIT, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France Team Pyramide: http://www.irit.fr/-Equipe-PYRAMIDE- Advisor : Abdelkader Hameurlain, Program : ARPEGE (ANR 2009) PAIRSE Project : Preserving Privacies in P2P environments: A Web Service-based Approach Consortium : LIRIS, IRIT, Telecom Institut, Semsoft, Swid, MTIC Starting : Octobrer 2009 Duration: 3 years Funding: ~ 1330 € net per month Description & Objectives Since ten years, the grid and perr-to-peer P2P systems are hot research topics. Recently, the grid systems open towards the management of heterogeneous and distributed data on a large-scale environment. The Grid or P2P data management raises new problems and presents real challenges: resource discovery and selection, query optimization, cost models, monitoring, replication, autonomic data management, security issues…. The main characteristics of these systems are: large scale (e.g. high numbers of data sources, users, and computing resources) and dynamicity of nodes (unstable system). The synergy and convergence of interests between grid, P2P and agent systems have been clearly pointed out. So, mainly, P2P techniques and agent systems are often used in resource discivery process. In this context, a promising approach consists in integrating and efficiently exploiting mobile agent paradigm in distributed query processing and dynamic optimization. More precisely, the objectives of this PhD Thesis consists in : 1. providing a survey and a qualitative comparison of existent and promising approaches and methods for resource discovery, 2. choosing an approach and proposing a viable resource discovery method, 3. defining an adaptable and efficient execution model for distributed query optimization base on mobile agents in order to bring scaling and decentralized control, 4. developing an experimental platform in order to validate and evaluate performance of proposed methods. A target application is efficiently querying biomedical data integration systems where data sources are heterogeneous and distributed on large scale environments. Required knowledges and skills : – In depth knowledge in databases including following topics : query optimization, and cost models – knowledge on Grid and P2P systems. Application: Interested candidates are invited to send an application (CV, academic record, motivational and recommendation letters) by email to [email protected] and [email protected]

Applications should be received before September 20th, 2009.

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