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PhD Position Applied Behavioral Ecology Norway

Ph.D.-position – Applied behavioral ecology (the problem of nuisance large carnivores): The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) is recognised as a leading international centre of knowledge, focused on higher education and research within environmental and biosciences. Together with other research institutes established at Aas, UMB provides state-of-the-art knowledge based on a broad range of disciplines. A broad range of study programmes are offered at the Bachelor, Master and PhD level. In total, UMB has some 3000 students, of which about 290 are PhD students.. There are many different nationalities at UMB; the international students make up over 10% of all students at the University. Of the 900 University staff, more than half hold scientific positions. UMB is located 35 km South of Oslo. See www.umb.no.

At the Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management a three year Ph.D.-position is vacant.

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The Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management has about 90 employees and the responsibility for UMB’s Bachelor, Master and PhD education in ecology, management of natural resources management, tropical ecology, forestry and forest industry, and economic development in rural areas. The department has about 270 students.. For more information, please refer to: http://www.umb.no/?avd=82

The Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project is one of the largest and longest bear research projects in the world. Over 600 bears have been radio-marked since 1984 and over 100 are followed annually. The project has a large international team of Master?s and PhD students and researchers who have cooperated on over 300 publications, 90 of which have been published in international refereed scientific journals. For more information about the Bear Project, please refer to: http://www.bearproject.info

  • Evaluate the hypothesis (using bears as a model species), that sub adult brown bears seek out humans primarily to avoid dominant, adult bears, based on simultaneous movement data from adult and sub adult male brown bears with GPS radio collars.
  • Evaluate present management methods of dealing with nuisance large carnivores.
  • Determine if management agencies should use a new paradigm when choosing methos to avoid nuisance large carnivores


  • Master or equivalent degree in behavioral ecology, wildlife biology, zoology or other relevant area.
  • Field experience and a strong background in the statistical handling of spatial data.
  • Willingness to use basic behavioral ecology to solve a management problem is essential.
  • Master both spoken and written English.

Personality traits

  • The candidate should function well in an international research environment.
  • Creativity, analytical skills, highly self-motivation, and ability to cooperate with others

The PhD-position is meant to be an educational step towards a research career. The study plan will be approved by a scientific committee and should result in a PhD-degree within 3 years.

UMB wishes to recruit women to research positions, and if two candidates are equal in educational profile and skills, the woman will be preferred. According to personnel policy objectives that the staff shall reflect the composition of the population in general, both with respect to gender and cultural diversity, women and persons with a minority ethnic background in particular are encouraged to apply.

Salaries start at level 45 (code 20) upon employment, corresponding to NOK 353,200 per annum (before tax), which is about EUR 44,150, and follow ordinary meriting regulations. For especially well qualified applicants, it is possible to start at level 46-50. A compulsory contribution of 2 % is made to the Norwegian State Pension Fund.

For further information please contact Professor Jon Swenson, tel. +47 64 96 57 30, e-mail: jon.swenson[at]umb.no

The application should be submitted (including detailed CV. copies of verified testimonies, certificates, publications, including Masters thesis, etc, 3 copies of each) to
the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management, P.O Box 5003, N-1432 Aas, Norway by September 30, 2008
Quote reference number: 08/998

If it is difficult to judge the applicant’s contribution to publications with multiple authors, a short description of the applicant’s contribution must be included.


  1. Modika Johnson says:

    Modika Johnson from Cameroon. Holder of MSc in Geography and Sustainable Develmopment of Littoral and Urban Spaces. I am applying for PhD research Study Programmes in either: Project Management, Tourism and Management, Environmental Management.

  2. FUAD HIRPO says:

    My name is Fuad hirpo I am 22aged I am from Ethiopia[East Africa] I graduated BA in psyychology with CGPA 3.51 from Addis Ababa University in 2008 ,I am cureently working as graduate Asistant one in Mekele University .If I get the opportunity I wiil join with you and enhance my education in to MA level and I will contribute as much as I can for any aspect that you are looking for.
    Thank you with best wish.

  3. Claire B. Salvedia says:

    I am Claire B. Salvedia, I finished the degree of Masters Science in Animal Science here in Mindanao State University Main Campus Marawi City,. Philippines. I am looking forward to pursue my Ph.D in any field of Animal Sciences. I do hope you can provide me a scholarship which I can pursue my dream in life.


    I have MSc. in Ecology and Syatematic Zoology.I am a lecturer in Hwassa University Wondo genet Colleg of Forestry and Natural resources. I am teaching the course for Behaviural Ecology we offer and want to apply for the position am afraid that I am outdate. Is it possible for me still to apply?I have taken the course Ethology,I have two scintific publications,one on birds and the other on mammals
    Kind regards

  5. asif hossain says:

    Asif Hossain, M.Sc. zoology(specialization in ecology and environmental sc.) want to work in the allied field . plz inform me
    I will be very greteful to get a response from you.

    [email protected]

  6. Patrice Kasangaki says:

    I am Patrice Kasangaki, a Ugandan and I have just completed my Msc in Zoology from Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, majoring in Entomology. I also work as an Entomologist specialising in vector control (Veterinary Entomology) and also Bee Keeping (Productive Entomology). I would like to advance my career by pursueing a PHD in the field of Entomology or behaviour ecology. I would like you to update me about the available scholarships and how I can obtain one.
    I will be very greteful to get a response from you.

    Patrice Kasangaki,
    Production and Marketing Department,
    Kibaale District Local Government.
    P.O. Box 2 Karuguuza, Uganda

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