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PhD Positions in Plankton Ecology, Netherlands

Scholarship for those students who have experience with laboratory cultures of phytoplankton and/or zooplankton

Study Subject: Aquatic Ecology or Marine Biology

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Employer: University of Amsterdam

Level: PhD

Scholarship Description: IBED collaborates with the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO) and the Royal Netherlands Institute of Sea Research (NIOZ) in the project ‘Primary production in the North Sea: changes in resource limitation and energy transfer’. The project is funded by the Sea and Coastal Research programme of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). Within this project, IBED’s research group Aquatic Microbiology (led by Prof. Jef Huisman) has a vacancy for a PhD candidate.


Management measures against eutrophication have led to a reduction of phosphorus inputs into the North Sea, whereas nitrogen loads were much less reduced. This project aims to determine how changes in these nutrients affect the species composition of marine phytoplankton and their potential food quality for zooplankton. We will perform competition experiments under N-limited, P-limited and light-limited conditions with representative North Sea phytoplankton species. During these experiments, we will study changes in the biochemical composition (stoichiometry) of the phytoplankton, and will expose them to grazing by zooplankton. These laboratory findings will be compared against the plankton community composition predicted by a competition model and the species composition observed during several North Sea cruises. As phytoplankton provides the basis for the marine food web, this study is essential for our understanding of how changes in nutrient loading affect the North Sea ecosystem.


* Master in aquatic ecology or marine biology
* Experience with laboratory cultures of phytoplankton and/or zooplankton
* Experience with field studies in freshwater and/or marine ecosystems
* Expertise with statistical analysis and/or mathematical models
* Ability to work in multidisciplinary research teams

Scholarship Application Deadline: 14 November 2010

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