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PhD Scholarship Artificial Intelligence

An excellent opportunity to spend four years in one of the most vibrant research environments allocated in one of the most vibrant cities in the World. The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA), Spanish research council (CSIC) offers a four-year PhD scholarship for a student pursuing a full-time PhD degree in Artificial Intelligence in the area of multiagent systems (MAS), in particalar – in 3D Electronic Institutions.

Closing date for applications: 15 November 2007.

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For more information contact Dr. Marc Esteva ([email protected]) or Dr. Inmaculada Rodriguez ( [email protected]).


Please fill out the web application form that you will find at http://www.iiia.csic.es/scholarship_offers.php (under ” PhD Scholarship on 3D Electronic Institutions” ) with:

– your personal data,

– a short statement, in English, of why you are interested in joining IIIA-CSIC,

– contact information of one or two persons who are willing to provide confidential academic references.

You will need to upload a zip-file containing the following documents in PDF format:

– a complete CV,

– an academic transcript with grade point average,

– any relevant scientific publications, if applicable.

From: http://start.it.uts.edu.au/m/motd/2003275?SID=28256834d9a6b3490196eda762b03b68


  1. I am a Nigerian having masters’ degrees in Applied Mathematics from Universty of Cababar and in Computer Science, from Unversity of Port Harcourt both in Nigeria. I developed a parser to process our local dialect, Ibibio in my M.Sc. Computer Science disertation. I want my PhD in Artificial Intelligence in any of the South African Universities that runs the course to that level. I am yet to secure the admission. I wouldn’t mind any other English spoken country anywhere in the world. I want to research into the deployment of security robotics technology into Nigeria if that may be too cumbersome I may settle on deployment of security expert systems into our Nigerian economy. In either case I am looking at a system that would assisst to address some aspects of civil disturbances in my country. The system so evovled should be able to check armed roberry cases and students riots in the tertiary institutions in the country. It may not extend to wars either internally or otherwise.
    I am currently a chief lecturer in both Computer Science and Mathematics in College of Education, Afaha Nsit, Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria. I am keen at developing something that is quite relevant to my society. I am married to Dr. Emem Paul Udofia, a lecturer with University of Uyo, Uyo, Nigeria. We have a duaghter.

  2. kamil says:

    I made my MSc in information science in 2005 and have been working since then. I am looking for a PhD scholarship specifically in the area of AI. I want to come up with a real time environment understanding system for the design of driverless cars’ control. I have some other topics in mind but I prefer this one. Replacing barcodes scanning systems in retail stores with a system that scans a number of items in a shopping cart at once, an attempt to design acknowledged payments over cell phones as an alternative to credit/debit cards is also another topic.
    I actually do not refuse to be plugged in some other research related to my background knowledge.
    for immediate contact call me on +251911632140 or +971509622157 +9715557855268

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