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PhD Student Position for CoTeSys Germany

In the Institute of Automatic Control Engineering and Autonomous Systems www.lsr.ei.tum.de, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Muenchen, Germany, several PhD positions need to be filled. While exceptionally strong candidates are considered anytime, our specific, current needs are in the direction of multi-robot and multi-agent systems. The positions are embedded into the DFG excellence research cluster “Cognition for Technical Systems – CoTeSys” www.cotesys.org. A group of excellent people with strong disciplinary background (control, mechanical or electrical engineering,communication, information theory, computer science) and interest to work in an interdisciplinary environment are desired. The positions are fully paid according to the German rules (formerly BAT-IIa). Requirements are a successful degree (master/diploma) with excellent records. Please send your application including your complete CV, relevant certificates, and some of your publications by Email to [email protected] with the Keyword “PosCoTeSys”. TUM is especially encouraging minorities and women to apply, because of its strong commitment to diversity in engineering education, research, and practice. Closing date is 31 October 2008.

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