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PhD student position in New Nan Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering, Sweden

Job Description: We are seeking a PhD candidate for EU-funded (EuroNanoMed) research program EAREG that aims at auricle (ear) reconstruction using nano-cellulose scaffold combined with human chondrocytes and stem cells. The project is truly interdisciplinary since it combines engineering investigation, such as bioimaging and biomechanics, material science expertise, biotechnology and cell biology.

The research will be performed at the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Biopolymer technology research group at BBV Laboratory which is situated at Biotech Center. The research group carries out several projects aiming to develop new polysaccharide based materials for new biomaterial applications. Several projects focus on engineering of structure of nano-cellulosic materials for use as implants, scaffolds for tissue engineering and organ regeneration. The research group works in close international collaboration with surgeons, cell and molecular biologists and biomechanical engineers. The group offers stimulating research and innovation environment.

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Our goal in this EU program is to develop and evaluate a pre-clinical therapy for auricle reconstruction, and introduce this novel therapy to the clinic. The primarily focus will be on auricle regeneration, however, the methods and results developed here will also be applicable in the regeneration of nose, trachea, spine and articular joints.

The position involves design and fabrication of 3D auricle scaffolds based on nano-cellulose with precise control of porosity. The candidate will closely collaborate with Bioimaging and Biomechanics group at ETH in Switzerland and University Hospital in Ulm, Germany. The PhD candidate will need to learn how to transform radiology images into 3D models and design bioreactor to produce scaffold with well defined architecture. The scaffolds with different porosities will be evaluated with regards to connectivity, cell interactions and biomechanics. PhD candidate will collaborate with other partners of the program to design and fabricate the scaffold with optimal performance to become together with human cells auricle replacement. The position is centered at the interdisciplinary interface of biomedical engineering, biotechnology and materials science and technology.
Required qualifications

A suitable background for candidate is a M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology or Chemical Engineering with strong interest in experimental biomaterials science and engineering.
Application Deadline 30June2010

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