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PhD thesis in Chemistry and Physical Chemistry of polymers – France

PhD thesis in Chemistry and Physical Chemistry of polymers

Description : Title of the PhD thesis: Chemical grafting of antibactetrial copolymers onto biomaterial surfaces. Study of the physico-chemical and biological properties of the surfaces. Description of the project and the required skills: Our team develops currently a novel research topic aiming for the development of new strategies to prevent bacterial attachment onto biomaterial surfaces, and thus to avoid infection. During this PhD thesis, we plan to graft chemically antibacterial copolymers onto surfaces of some usual biomaterials such as PVC and\or polyurethanes. This will be performed using smooth methods described recently in the literature for the functionalization of such surfaces. The antibacterial copolymers will be synthesized either by chemical modification of functional homopolymers or by classical copolymerization of antibacterial monomers with monomers containing anchoring groups. Theses copolymers will be characterized by the usual techniques, namely NMR, FTIR, UV-visible, SEC (GPC), and by mass spectrometry. The physico-chemical characterizations of the modified and unmodified biomaterial surfaces will be performed by AFM, MEB, fluorescence microscopy, contact angle measurements, XPS and ellipsometry. Colorimetric titrations will be also undertaken in order to determine densities of copolymers grafted onto surfaces. A comparative thermal, thermo-mechanical and mechanical properties of the biomaterials, before and after surface chemical modifications, will be investigated by DSC, DMTA and tensile tests, respectively. The surface antibacterial properties will be studied at first in vitro. Adhesion kinetics onto biomaterial surfaces of various bacterial strains, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli, will be monitored by fluorescence microscopy as well as by bacterial numeration. These studies will be realized in static and dynamic conditions, in presence and absence of plasmatic proteins, in short and long terms. The properties of biocompatibility will be evaluated by cytotoxicity tests towards differentiated and permanent cellular cultures as well as blood, and by thrombogenesis tests. The project requires strong skills in molecular and macromolecular organic synthesis. Knowledge in biochemistry and in microbiology would be desirable. The candidate must have a Master’s degree or equivalent diploma with scientific research laboratory training. He or she has to supply a detailed CV and a letter in support of application. Salary: about 1380 Euros (take-home pay).

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Homepage : www.insa-rouen.fr
Category : Academic research
Contact address : Laboratoire Polymères Biopolymères Surfaces (PBS, FRE-CNRS n°3101) Equipe Matériaux Macromoléculaires (L2M) INSA de Rouen Place Emile Blondel 76131 Mont-Saint-Aignan
Keywords : polymer, biomaterials, antibacterial, biocompatibility, surface
Name : KEBIR
Email : [email protected]


  1. I am an Ethiopian girl. I have been graduated my BSc at Awassa university college of Agriculture in plant science. I am working at Adet agricultural Resaerch Center. But now I am learning my MSc at Jimma University college of Agriculture and Veternary Medicine in Horticulture specialized in Coffee, Tea and Spices. I will finish my study in teh coming year. As soon as I have finished my study, I want to be abroad to continue my phd in Spices. Can you give me abroad Universities having Schollar ship especailly for lower developing cuontry females?

  2. rajendran.m says:

    respected sir
    i am rajendran did M.Sc chemistry now doing M.Tech polymer technology (2nd year) at annauniversity ,chennai india .my ambition is will do P.hd in polymer science and engg at abroad so any vacancy in this type of position.

  3. mamun says:

    Dear Sir
    With due respect and I would like to introduce myself. I have
    already completed my M.Sc. study in the field of Inorganic Chemistry in analytical branch ,University of Chittagong, Bangladesh and now I am a chemist as a ROXY Paints Ltd. My M.Sc. thesis title was “Spectrophotometric determination of lead in industrial, environmental, biological and soil samples using 2,5-dimercapto-1,3,4 thaiazole.Talanta55(2000)43-53”.
    I have about seven (07)years job experience as a chemist.
    I am looking for a possible financial support to carry out my
    doctoral study, if there is any scope to work within your research team, and I would be very glad and grateful if you kindly let me know whether you had any position for me. I am looking forward to hearing from your side. Your reply will be highly appreciated and acknowledged.
    Yours sincerely,
    Mosaddeque Al-Mamun
    E-mail: [email protected]

  4. Aldo Okullo says:

    Anybody knows any group or organisation interested in supporting a research on renewable energy, especially biodiesel?

    Am a PhD candidate in Dar es Salaam University but having serious problems with my research fundings.

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