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Postdoctoral Research Associate : Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Postdoctoral,Research Associate,Genomic variation in childhood leukemia,Montreal, Quebec,Canada

Job Description: A postdoctoral research fellow position is available immediately in bioinformatics and/or computational genomics to study genomic variation in childhood leukemia. We seek a candidate who will apply a systems approach and integrate multiple sources of new and existing genomic datasets to better understand the genomic changes in childhood leukemia. The post-doctoral fellow will have a strong interest in: gene expression analysis, eQTL analysis, copy number variation, gene-gene interactions and functional validation of SNPs. Possible research projects include, but are not limited to, developing statistical/computational methods for 1) analysis of copy number variations using high-density SNP array data and next-generation sequencing data, 2) analysis of RNA-seq data, 3) eQTL analysis, 4) pathway- and genetic network-based analysis, 5) rare variant analysis, and 6) developing necessary software packages. The successful candidate will work closely with experimentalists and be interested in translational biomedical research.

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The laboratory of Dr. John Hiscott and Dr. Rongtuan Lin is seeking to recruit Post-doctoral Research Associates to the Lady Davis Research Institute, McGill University who are interested in the innate and adaptive immune response in virus-host interactions, particularly as they relate to the development of oncolytic virotherapy for cancer treatment. Other research programs in the laboratory include: 1) molecular interactions regulating the host innate immune response to RNA virus infection; and 2) pathogenesis and gene regulation in human retrovirus infection. Research projects include: mechanisms used by influenza to evade the host immune response, evaluation of how signaling to the innate immune response may shape adaptive immunity and establishment of new strategies to boost the immune response to effectively fight these viruses.

Application Deadline June 30, 2011

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