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Postdoc position in cryo-electron microscopy at Purdue University, USA

A postdoc position is available in the Jiang laboratory at the Markey Center of Structural Biology and Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. Our research focuses on the structural biology of large macromolecular complexes and viruses using single-particle cryo-electron microscopy and 3-D reconstruction. Purdue is well equipped with two FEI FEG cryo-microscopes (200kV and 300kV) and will install a new 300kV liquid Helium microscope in 2009.


The motivated postdoc is sought to participate in experimental aspects of our continued push of single-particle cryo-EM 3-D reconstructions towards 3-3.5 Å resolution. Candidates skilled in high-resolution transmission electron microscopy are encouraged to apply. Experience in specimen preparation and low dose cryo-EM imaging of biological samples is preferred. The applicant should also be a team player that enjoys working in a collaborative environment.

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Worthy offer for applicants.

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How to Apply

Send a CV, statement of research accomplishments and interests, and three references to Dr Wen Jiang ([email protected]).

Homepage: Jiang Group
Category: postdoc
Contact address: [email protected]
Keywords : structural biology; electron microscopy
Email: [email protected]


  1. Dr Mohamed Abdul Azeez Razak says:

    I am a Medical Graduate (M.D), presently I live in the State of Indiana in USA. I am a Permanent Resident, holding a USA Green Card.
    I migrated to USA in December 2007.
    Before coming to America, I was working for almost 18 years at the Department of Electron Microscopy (E.M), at the Medical Research Institute (MRI) in my Country in Sri Lanka.
    In fact, I was the head of the E.M unit.
    I was involved in Virus and Pathology Diagnostics by E.M. The Transmission E.M I worked on was the JOEL make JEM 1200EX II model. The Ultra Micro tome I used was for Semi thin and Ultra thin sectioning was the Super Nova Micro tome.
    I very much used and very familiar with normal Direct Electron Microscopy technique after staining the sample prepared with Phospho Tungstic Acid “PTA” or Uranyle Acetate “UA”
    I really like to apply for a Post Doctorate Scholarship to study Cryo EM work using liquid nitrogen to get a very high resolution with with a good even dispersion of the sample with no noise.
    I had the opportunity to do Cryo EM work at Purdue University in West Lafayette in Indiana, as a Research Associate for just one month attached to the Biological Structural Science Department. But, my ambition is to have a full Scholarship and concentrate only on Cryo EM work and master it very quickly and thoroughly. It is a very unique, new, sophisticated and interesting method of investigation, but, definitely takes a while and effort to master it very very well.
    That’s what exactly happened to me the last time. As a Research Associate, I was given several other extra tasks and duties to perform, along being trained in Cryo EM, which was far too much for me to cope up with.
    To learn and master the Cryo EM work as quickly as possible, you have to be at all the time with no other interference. I really earnestly look forward and would like to apply for the Post Doctorate Scholarship program position in Cryo Electron Microscopy offered by Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.
    This would be the ideal and best ever gift for me ever.
    Looking forward to the pleasure in hearing from you soon.
    Please help me, and inform me how I can apply for this Post Doctorate Scholarship position… Thank you.
    Dr Mohamed Abdul Azeez Razak.
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Telephone: (317) 574 0869.

  2. Hi,
    I am Josephat Sahani Kaboya, aged 38 years old, a Tanzanian Research Scientist working with National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) in my country.

    The Organization is mandated to carry out, promote, coordinate, ,supervise, evaluate and document Human African Trypanosomiasis and other health research activities in Tanzania, also control and monitoring all aspects of Sleeping Sickness in the country

    I have an advanced Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences and specialized in Parasitology and Medical Entomology, studied at the Muhimbili University of Health Sciences (1999 – 2001)

    I have been working with NIMR since 1993 to date (an experience of 15 years now)

    Through my experiences, I am sure to do better if I will be awarded a chance to pursue further studies.

    On completion of that study, I will be enhanced with necessary skills and knowledge for combating many challenges in my country and the World at large.

    Thanks and God bless you.
    Yours truly,

    Josephat Sahani Kaboya,
    National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR),
    P.O.Box 482,
    Tabora – Tanzania.

    E-mail: [email protected]

  3. Tesfalem Ketema says:

    I am an Ethiopian, held BA degree in Accounting from Haramaya University(formerly said Alemaya University) in 2006. I have 2 and above years experience as Auditor in gov’t org. I would be lovely if you could find a full scholarship in any of business fields or related. Thanks.

  4. Hailemichael Shewa says:

    I have a BA degree in English, I have another BA degree in Management, and I have a master’s degree in curriculum, all from Addis Ababa University of Ethiopia. If I get full scholarship I want to study your offer.

    [email protected]

  5. dawit admasu says:

    Am highly interested to got a scholarship in MSC in medical laboratoy science or fieldes related to this field because am working as an instuctor in Ethiopia(Arabaminch university) on this field.

  6. DADA MARTINS says:

    Do you offer scholarship to sea men ( mariners ) because we African sea men are poorly paid, to go forward has always a problem. why some country will never allowed you Visa. (Britain for example) self spounsor student has always be their enemy.

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