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Postdoctoral Positions in Astroparticle Physics at University of Nova Gorica (UNG), Slovenia

Job Description: Astroparticle physics group at the University of Nova Gorica (UNG), Nova Gorica, Slovenia invites individuals motivated for work in the field of experimental astrophysics and cosmology to apply for two open Postdoc positions. The group offers excellent research opportunities within the active research program related to the cosmic-ray physics at the Pierre Auger Observatory www.auger.org with the planned future involvement in the Cherenkov Telescope Array www.cta-observatory.org and ESA dark-matter mission Euclid sci.esa.int/euclid.

The astroparticle group has among others close ties with related groups at e.g. Karlsruhe Institue of Technology, LAL Orsay, ICTP Trieste, UNAM Mexico City, University of Chicago, University of Bern, IRB Zagreb etc., an active visitor program and a strong international collaboration with researchers from USA, Europe, South America and Asia. The positions are given to the selected individuals on the 1 + 1 year base with possibility of extensions or a tenure track.

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Applications including a curriculum vitae with publication list, a summary of research interests, a copy of the PhD certificate, and a cover letter with a short statement of motivation should be sent to [email protected] Upon request, the candidates will have to arrange for two letters of recommendation that should be sent to the same email address.

Candidates are required to be fluent in written and spoken English, are expected to have a solid background in astrophysics, particle physics (or related fields including computer science), and a firm familiarity with the Unix programming environment (C/C++, shell scripting, Python) and analysis frameworks (ROOT, Mathematica). The selection of candidates will be made according to their academic qualifications, motivation and common research interests. Any possible questions should be addressed directly to [email protected]

Field of interest: astro-ph, cs, gr-qc, hep-ex, nucl-ex, physics.acc-phys, physics.ins-det

Application deadline:
Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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