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Postdoctoral Scholarships, Department of Botany, Sweden

Postdoctoral Scholarship, Department of Botany, Stockholm University, Sweden

Job Description: The Department of Botany carries out a broad botanic education and research, the latter divided in three research areas: plant ecology, plant physiology and plant systematics. Each research area is led by a responsible professor and covers a large number of research subjects, stretching from analysis of genes and molecules to ecological systems, and has a rich arsenal of modern molecular biology equipment, including big greenhouses and climate chambers.

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The post-doctoral projects concern molecular studies of defense mechanisms in higher plants. The projects are part of the research program PlantComMistra which is focusing on the interactions of barley plants with other plants and with aphids and their natural enemies. The tasks include supervision of project students and guest researchers and outreach to the society, especially the breeding industry and the agricultural sector.

Requested qualifications
A post doctor is employed mainly to carry out research. It is required to have a PhD or equivalent degree. The PhD degree should have been awarded no longer than three years ago at the time of application. If there are specific reasons, a PhD degree older than three years is accepted. Such reasons are time off due to illness, parental leave etc.

Criteria for the appointment
The most important criteria for the appointment is the scientific skillfulness. The PhD degree need not be specifically in plant biology, but this is a merit. When judging the scientific skillfulness, experience from molecular biology and bioinformatics renders specific qualification. Experience from higher plants or from interactions between different organisms is a merit. The ability to collaborate and to communicate science in English and Swedish will be considered, as well as experience from outreach activities.

Application Deadline: 6 September2010


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