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Proper Guidance Is Essential To Build Up Your Career

In today’s life, ambition is becoming more and more important. Everyone who is educated wants to be successful in his/her life. For choosing a career children need guidance of their teachers, seniors or of their family members. Apart from this one should have a clear picture about his career and should know what he wants to be in his life.

There is a need of proper guidance in career because now the young generation wants that everything should happen within a blink of eye and in that situation they take wrong decisions regarding their career.

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The initial guidance starts with family teachings and the way of upbringing a child. A child’s base of learning is created by the family. And its the most important and crucial stage of once life, things once learned during this stage are lifelong. Apart from teaching manners and etiquettes parents should also devote their time to talk with their children regarding their careers.Talking about their career dreams will motivate them to work harder in their school. Having a practical career plan and their parent’s guidance keep the students on track and motivate them to do something more appreciable in their life.

Through guidance young people can take better decisions regarding their career including choosing a better college. Senior people can help in guiding the young generation through their experiences. Career development is basically motivating a child to make better decisions in their life. Guiding is not only an activity of selected experts, rather it is a simple process of helping someone in his phase of life through our experience. It is a step by step process. Suppose a parent is guiding his child, firstly he will try to convert his dream into practical knowledge. Then he will try to guide him by putting some choices in front of him so that he can choose the best possible option. The guiding process doesn’t end here. It is an ongoing process till he achieves his dream. After helping him in deciding the college the parents may help him in deciding what he wants to be in his life. Keeping that in mind they may help his child in introducing the right people in that field.

After family, school is the first place where a child gets the base of his education. Sometimes in the nursery level a child can learn the things which would remain in their minds forever and the developed interest in the field sets the base to career selection. Schools should provide career guidance to their students at middle and high school level so that students can choose correct subjects and start preparing from the initial stage only. At the college and professional study level career guidance and counseling programmes aspire to provide assistance and advice to students to make them more knowledgeable about their future education and career choices. It also helps the students to know about their strengths and weaknesses, make them self-aware and helps them in building decision making skills, planning skills, personality development etc.

There are many famous personalties who have a big impact of their teachers in their life like Brian Williams anchor and managing editor of NBC news credits his success to his English literature teacher, Mr. Bob Kitzin, who helped him to go the right way and making him excited about learning.

Bill Clinton 42nd president of the United States, said that his high school band director, Mr. Virgil Spurlin has influence all his life and staying in touch with him until he passed away. Bill Gates acknowledges the guidance of his math and drama teachers. Gates says, “There’s no way there would have been a Microsoft without what they did.”

Without the proper guidance students get confused about their career and in that confusion sometime they select a wrong career and sometime at the very late stage they start deciding their career. This confusion minimizes their chances of success in life. To avoid this confusion student should do self discovery and self assessment at the earlier stage of their life which helps them to better understand about their dreams and career interest. Self assessment activities help an individual to discover who he is and what he likes to do. For an expert and professional guidance about the career one can take the help of professional career counsellors. They help to choose most suitable career options based on the educational background and on the interest of the candidate. Professional counselors are well aware with the advantages, disadvantages and opportunities in several job fields and help students in making better choices.

Proper career guidance teaches to plan and make decisions about work and learning. It provides information about the market requirements and about educational opportunities in a more organized and systematic way.

Guidance is very important in once life but the guidance provided should be proper and positive. Proper guidance is a blueprint for the bright career. If one moves forward by following this blueprint, his career will be much brighter and the success achieved will be constant.

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