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Research Scholarship:Internal Combustion Engines, Germany

Job Description: Despite all current efforts to introduce new mobility concepts i.e. using fuel cells, hydrogen or advanced battery technology, combustion based engines will remain indispensable for many years and thus urgently need to be improved with regard to fuel efficiency and pollutant emission. One promising approach to reduce pollution emission is to dilute the air with recirculated flue gases from the preceding ignition cycle. But, in order to control and optimize this complicated process new high-speed diagnostic techniques are needed to determine – during intake and compression cycle – the amount of recirculated flue gas in the engine and near the spark plug by monitoring water vapor or carbon dioxide as tracer. Diode laser absorption spectrometers (TDLAS) in combination with minimally invasive, fiber based optics are promising approaches to achieve this goal and thus will be investigated in this project. In addition, detailed metrological studies using laser and FT-IR techniques are needed to select optimal H2O/CO2 absorption lines, to quantify the spectroscopic effects of temperature-, pressure- and matrix variations and to develop high-speed data acquisition and evaluation strategies for crank angle resolved species and temperature monitoring.

Please note that application is only possible online at www.igsm.tu-bs.de. The application period will start on 1 July 2010, deadline is 31 August 2010.

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